How to Open 7z Files on Windows 10 [Extract or Unzip Easily]

Are you facing any problem with opening a file that having the extension “.7z” on your Windows 10? 

Alright, I have the solution for you. The files that having 7z extension are called by 7-Zip files. This type of file is a single compressed version of multiples files. To open a 7-Zip file, you have to extract that file. But how to do that? I am here to explain how to open 7z files on windows 10 step-by-step process. 

Before we jump on the tutorial, let me tell you about 7- Zip file.

What Is 7-Zip File 

It is a compressed file created by a Compression Tool named “7-Zip”. By compressing multiple files into the 7-Zip format, you can archive those files into a singular file. When you want to share multiple files having a large size, the 7-Zip tool can make the job easy for you with its compression feature. 

You will be wondering after knowing that it supports file size up to 16 billion Gigabytes. If you feel that your hard drive needs some extra space without losing any data, you can compress some files using the 7-Zip application. It will reduce your file’s size by compressing those files without losing any data. 

I think you have got a decent idea about the 7-Zip tool. Now, you can move to the tutorial parts. 

How to Open 7z files on windows 10?  or How to unzip or extract 7z files on windows 10? 

To unzip .7z files, your device needs to have any Unzipping tool or Extraction tool that supports the .7z extension. I am going to introduce you to two applications that can perform the operation. 

Method 1: Using 7-Zip Software 

Step 1: Download & Install the 7-Zip App 

First of All, you have to download 7-zip software. It is a free tool so you don’t have to pay for it. Visit the 7-zip’s website and you will find various download options for a different configuration. 

How to unzip .7z files on windows 10

Click on the download button that matches with your Pc’s operating system. It will begin downloading the file. 

After downloading the file, double click on it. Then, you will notice an installation box. Click on the install. 

How to unzip .7z files on windows 10

After finishing the install, click on the Close. 

At this stage, we have successfully installed the 7-Zip software. Now, it is time to unzip a .7z file on Windows 10. 

Step 2: Unzip the File using 7-Zip 

Run the 7-Zip from the start menu. Go to the file location of the .7z file that you want to open. 

Later on, select that file and hit on the “Extract” from the top.

How to unzip .7z files on windows 10

After clicking on that, you will notice this type of interface on your pc.

How to unzip .7z files on windows 10

Set the location to extract that file and press Enter. 

That’s the process. It will unzip that file. 

How to unzip .7z files on windows 10

Isn’t it easier than you would think? 

If you failed to download the 7-Zip tool for any reason, I have another option for you. Feeling interested to know about it? Let’s see the method. 

Method 2: Using WinRAR Software 

Step 1: Download & Install the WinRAR App 

We can also use the WinRAR application to unzip a file having a .7z extension. 

To download this app, visit the WinRAR website. You will find the download option on their homepage. 

How to unzip .7z files on windows 10

Download that App by clicking on it. 

After completing the download, double-click on it to install the file. 

How to unzip .7z files on windows 10

Step 2: Unzip the File using WinRAR

At this point, open the file location that you want to unzip or extract. Simply, double-click on that file and you will be able to explore the files that were compressed. 

How to unzip .7z files on windows 10

To extract any particular file, click on that file and select “Extract To” from the top. 

How to unzip .7z files on windows 10

Then you have to choose the destination folder and press OK. It will unzip that particular file. 

Do you want to extract whole files just with one-click? That’s also possible in WinRAR. 

Right-click on the .7z file and choose “Extract Here”. It will quickly extract the zipped file from that same location. In this way, you don’t have to set the location. 

That was the process. Now, do you have any problem with opening a .7z file? I don’t think so. 

You have learned how to unzip the .7z file on windows 10. Want to get more tips and tricks for your Computer or Tablet? Stay connected with FixwillBest of luck.

Let’s have a quick look at some FAQ. 


Do you have to buy 7-Zip?

No, it is a free resource. You can use this software without any cost.

How much time it takes to unzip a file? 

It depends on the file size. Typically, it is a quick process but it can take a bit more time when the file size is big.

Is WinZip free with Windows 10?

You get a trial period after downloading WinZip. After that period, you have to purchase the app if you want to continue.

Does Windows 10 have 7 zip?

It is not available by default on Windows 10. You have to download the app manually if you wish to use it.

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