Ios Whatsapp Vs Android Whatsapp

WhatsApp is probably the most famous chatting app after Messenger and Snapchat. This popularity caused the app to become cross-platform like most social media applications. Thus, the iOS version of the WhatsApp app is bound to be different from Android WhatsApp, right? To confirm such suspicion, let’s look at iOS WhatsApp VS Android WhatsApp.

There is no significant operational difference between WhatsApp chats for iOS and Android. But there are some slight UI and functional dissimilarities. For instance, in the iOS version of the app, the home page, chat privacy, and media manipulation are available. Though the Android version doesn’t have such exclusive features, it does have the detailed message alert, end-to-end encryption, and disappearing messages feature.

Despite the dissimilarities, they are almost the same. The names of the features might be different, but they are not exclusive in the truest sense. If one uses both platforms together, they will indeed find them the same.

WhatsApp, What Is It?

Social media is the primary source of communication in this tech world. WhatsApp, Messenger, and Snapchat are the three big names in the social media chat industry. And among these three, WhatsApp is the most frequently and commonly used medium.

Whether you are an Android user or iOS, you can have the WhatsApp app installed on your device without restriction. It is the perfect cross-platform app since it takes advantage of the unique operator features. You can transfer WhatsApp messages, voicemails, and even the chat history from one OS to another.

All this is possible because WhatsApp data is stored in a combined cloud. Thus, if you were using WhatsApp on your iPhone SE and suddenly wanted to switch to an Android device, you would not find the process taxing. To the app, an iPhone user is similar to any Android user.

But this doesn’t mean that all WhatsApp users will experience the same user interface. For instance, the in-built properties of an Apple iPhone and a Samsung phone are inherently different. This inherent difference creates quite a few similarities despite the cross-platform performance.

WhatsApp iOS Vs. WhatsApp Android

WhatsApp Messenger and all other similar apps prompt cross-platform activity. But this doesn’t mean that they are the same on all platforms. The hardware for an iOS device is bound to be different from the built quality of Android devices. And this is what creates the difference in their apps.

The WhatsApp app is not free from this curse. Thus, if someone compares WhatsApp iOS vs. Android, they will find quite a few dissimilarities. Let’s discuss some of the significant differences.

Main UI

When using WhatsApp on Android, the user is greeted with the main home page of the app. This page not only contains all the chat options but some other additional tabs or sections.

The main ones are the Chats, Calls, Cameras, and Status. All these options let you complete your task of sending messages with ease.

ios whatsapp vs android whatsapp

But if an iOS user takes their device and opens the WhatsApp app, they will be greeted with a different interface. Along with the essentials from Android, the Settings option is directly available on the main page. This enables the user to easily tweak the app and profile without tapping on the three dots.

ios whatsapp vs android whatsapp

Chat Field

If you compare the chat interface of WhatsApp on iOS vs. Android, you will not find any difference at first. But if you look closely, there are few subtle differences in the chat interface. Among those, the most prominent one is hidden in the text typing field.

ios whatsapp vs android whatsapp

The WhatsApp message field, mainly the text field, can send Emojis. For Android, the Emoji option is available on the text field. But for iOS, the emoji option has to be accessed using the plus icon, which is generally used for sending attachments.

ios whatsapp vs android whatsapp

List Of Contacts

While comparing Android WhatsApp vs. iOS WhatsApp, you will find that the contact icons are different. This is purely an aesthetic thing. The icons function the same, but they just look different.

ios whatsapp vs android whatsapp

In fact, though they work the same, they are placed at different spots. For Android chats, the contacts option is on the bottom right. While in the case of the iOS version, the option is on the top right instead.

ios whatsapp vs android whatsapp


One benefit that the App Store version of WhatsApp has over the Android version is the notification system.

For iOS, the user gets the alerts for their messages as separate bubbles for each message. One can reply using those bubbles or simply start the app to make the reply.

ios whatsapp vs android whatsapp

But this bubble alert is not available for the Google Play Store WhatsApp. One cannot simply reply without unlocking the phone.

This demerit is compensated with the available information on the notification tab. The android version alert gives a ton more details on the message received than the iOS version.

ios whatsapp vs android whatsapp

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the iOS version of WhatsApp different from the Google Pixel one?

The operating system of an iOS device is different from the one used in Google Pixel. This limits many apps from doing the same thing for both platforms.

Such limitations also bind the WhatsApp app. Moreover, they also try to keep the interface different to promote individuality.

Is chat migration from iOS to Android possible for WhatsApp?

The possibility to transfer WhatsApp messages from iOS to Android and vice versa is effortless.

A third-party app called Dr. Fone is used for WhatsApp transfer initiation. By following the steps, they provide, one can easily interchange chat history from one platform to another.

Are the latest versions of WhatsApp available for both iOS users and Android users?

Despite being two different operating systems, the WhatsApp app receives updates simultaneously. You can expect to get the latest version of WhatsApp on your Apple Phone as soon as a Google Pixel user receives it.

What are the exclusive features of WhatsApp depending on the phone’s operating system?

WhatsApp provides no exclusive feature to its users based on the platform.

In fact, if you see any data on WhatsApp iOS vs. Android 2020, you will see that they are precisely the same. The name or icon of the service might be different, but the core feature is the same.

Is WhatsApp better on Android or iOS?

For both operating systems, the main features of the WhatsApp message app are the same. This is due to the ability of chat transfer that helps in continuity.

So between the platforms, there is no significant difference. And thus, there is no distinct superior version between iOS and Android.

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Final Words

No matter what device you use your WhatsApp on, the importance of cross-platform compatibility is immense. But this doesn’t demean the value of the knowledge regarding iOS WhatsApp VS Android WhatsApp.

Instead of thinking the knowledge to be insignificant, look at the possibilities it has enabled. Now you can easily switch your phone and still use WhatsApp as usual with chat migration and slight adaptation. No knowledge is trivial!

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