How to save a picture on an android (The 8 Best Ways & Solutions)

A smartphone does a lot of jobs including saving your pictures. A phone roams around many places from one app to another and from one web-page to another. So when you find something interesting to save on your Android device, you must want to have it in a moment. 

Thankfully, we will cover all the possible ways on how to save a picture on an android. After reading the step-by-step guideline, you will able to store the images from multiple platforms.

At the end of the article, we will resolve a problem when taken pictures from the camera that won’t store in the gallery. 

1. Take a Screenshot From Anywhere You Want:

The screenshot feature is available on almost every Android phone, and it takes the least effort to quickly save on your phone. If you want to save it just by taking a screenshot, you will need to press the key of volume up or down. Afterward, you will get to see an image in your gallery. 

The fun fact with this process is to get an image right away without tweaking more on the settings. Besides, you will get the facility to crop the image and customize it according to your will. 

Keep in mind, there are other available apps on the Android Store, which will also do the same thing instead of the default android system. Over there, you will be able to customize more, as you can work on this image. 


  1. It is the easiest way ever
  2. Taking screenshot works on almost every platform


  • The screenshot image resolution will be poor.

2. Save Copyright Images From Web To Android: 

Downloading images in the original file is the main hurdle. If you want to use an image for digital promotion online, then you must have a better resolution. But the heck is- you won’t find the original image all the time. Well, this is because of the copyright issue. 

If you don’t require the original images then simply pick it from Google Image Search or another reverse image search tool would be TinEye

If you want to reuse an image, then you must need to find an image that has no copyright issue. So it would be legitimate to use on your personal blog or anywhere on the web. 

We have already told you that Google image search is a tool where you can save photos. Aside from the copyright photos, you may download some photos in the original format and you face any legal issues in this way. 

To do so, you can follow this step by step process: 

1.  At first, you need to check out whether the image is legitimate or not

2. If the image has a copyright issue then you will come to see a tag. The tag would be “Images may be subject to copyright”

How to save a picture on an android

Note: You can not download images for any online promotion or posting such images on any website is prohibited from the Image Copyright Proces. However, if downloading the copyright image is not for further use, then you can simply download it

How to save a picture on an android

3. Find the free images from Google Image Search: 

Thankfully, some images left for you to download without having any copyright issues. In order to find it you will need to follow these steps below: 

1. Find the license details first 

2. The free copyright images will be in the filter bar of types of usage rights

3. Over there, you will find “Creative Commons Licenses” You won’t right to use such images so avoid it.

4. Later on, the “Commercial or other licenses” where you can find non-creative licenses images. These images are free to use from the free image download sites. 

How to save a picture on an android

4. Download From Social Media & Store It: 

Social media is a big place to find amazing images. You can get images for many social media platforms, for example, they would be Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and many more. 

Here you may save an image for Android: 

1. First of all, you need to tap on the image which you want to store on your phone. 

2. Find the closeup view of an image then select the menu button. Instantly, the pop-up menu will appear download image. 

How to save a picture on an android

3. Here you can see the three-dot, click on there then hit on the “Normal” button

4. Finally, when you will tap on the download button then it will automatically store to your device. 

5. Download from cloud storage by third-party access: 

If you want to download only the original image with the maximum resolution, the best way is to use either Dropbox or Google Drive. 

Google Dropbox or Google Drive ensure you to give you the original image quality. This is a great choice when you want to receive an image and keep it as it has been sent to you. To do so, you may ask your recipient to upload the image on the cloud then give you access to download it. 

6. Automatic Download Using Free App: 

If you want to get a backup of your images at the same time download online via texting, searching on the websites, or any social media, then Google Photos is the best free app. 

Google Photos will allow you to save tons of images and save them to the cloud. With an internet connection, you can roam around the images even though you will change your phone. 

7. Download image album using Google Takeout:

Sometimes, we want to download not just a single photo rather the whole album. Google Takeout is a free tool from Google where you may export any copy of your images to your Google Account.

It contains all the data not only the images but also all sorts of documents from every tool you are using. 

1.  At first, you will simply go to the Google Takeout

2. Over there you may find a broad list of Google Tools

3. Page down or scroll down of it, then you will find Google Photos

How to save a picture on an android

4. Sooner, a zip file will be downloaded to your Android phone. 

8. Email Images to yourself: 

Sending e-mail of your images would be a solution to save photos on your Android phone. Also, you can achieve those images as well. By the way, the file size of every photo will need to meet the particular size. For example, your email service provider may allow you to send an image not more than 10MB. 

However, most of the images of a smartphone won’t go beyond that limitation. IN this process, you will compose a new email then type on the recipient and go to the option for attach file. 

In this regard, then you will go to the default app of Google Mail. Over there you will receive the new e-mail. 

Soon after, you will click on the icon of it from your Android App. If it is about the zip file then it will directly save on the “File Manager” of your android phone. 

To get all the images, you will need to unzip it first, then the images will be automatically stored in your gallery. 

Why are your images not saving in your gallery? 

We commonly know that a picture was taken by your phone supposed to go to your gallery. But there are a few reasons when you won’t find images in your gallery even after taking many shots. 

Well, we find some possible reasons in order to cope with the hurdle. Here are they: 

1. You have some limitations on your phone and the first limitation is the space of it. When the limitation is close to meet with bulk folders and files, then you can not have your images, especially from the clicked photos using the camera. 

2. The second reason you will face is with the full-cache

3. If your SD card is corrupted, which is an external memory and if your camera store is located there, then you will find the issue. 

Solution 1: Restart Your Android Phone

There might be so many bugs on your phone. After restarting, the phone itself may resolve such issues. So restarting your phone would be a way to trick with this problem. 

Solution 2: Scrutinize the SD’s card

The faulty SD’s card won’t allow you to take photos. Furthermore, the fixed memory with your phone is overloaded. In that case, you should either rectify the issue or the best thing would be the replacement. 

Solution 3: Dismount the SD card

If your SD card is not perfectly mounted, then you will need to dismount it. 

1. To dismount it, click on the settings of your File Manager

2.  Tap on the Unmount SD Card button

3. When you unmount it then you will get back to remount options and to do so, you will find two ways. The first way is to go to the settings then storage and finally mount it. The second choice is to manually remove the SD card and then insert it again. 


1. Why won’t my Android phone let me save pictures?

Answer: All the Android phones have the inbuilt program to save photos. But if you face trouble saving photos on your Android phone, then there might be some problem. For example, you are running out of storage space, the cache is full, or your SD card got corrupted and many more. But here’s the good news, you can solve them by the following steps,

  • First, restart your Android phone.
  • Then check your both SD card and internal storage space. 
  • Following on, remount your SD card.
  • After that clear cache
  • Finally, recover your data and format the SD card.

2. What is the best photo backup device?

There are many backup devices around you, but we need to find the best. Thereby, Google Photos come on the top, which is available in both Android and iOS. You can save an end number of photos on your account without losing any quality and every photo you can back up to your Gmail account. First, you’ll get 15GB of free storage then you have to take a monthly or yearly subscription.

3. How do I move photos to the gallery?

Answer: To move your photos to your gallery, you should follow the given steps: 

Step 1: First, On your phone, download and install the Google Photos App

Step 2: Then log in to the account where all your photos stored

Step 3: Next, tap on the picture and click more

Step 4: At last, you’ll find an option ‘Save to Camera Roll’, click on that and save your photo.

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