How To Unflag All Emails On Iphone Ios 11?

These days Email is a popular way for any kind of formal communication. But, you get many emails, including unnecessary mails or spam mails. So definitely, you need to filter the essential mails and flag them as necessary.

But what if you flag all the emails mistakenly. You need to unflag them for sure.

Today, I am going to talk about how to unflag all emails on iphone iOS 11. There is not much difference between iOS and the other versions of iOS. I have clearly shown the steps here. You can learn it effortlessly from today’s article.

Can I unflag all emails on my iPhone?

Do you love to work using the mail app? Is email the primary process of communicating with your clients or your Office Authorities? This is when you need to use the mail app on your iOS. Your received Emails are stored in the inbox folder. If you want to find a new email, it is easier. But when you need to find an older email that was received a few weeks ago, it is pretty tough.

And For this reason, you need to flag an email to check your important emails quickly.

Suppose you were about to put just a few emails in the starred folder. But anyhow, you ended up putting all the emails in that. Now, you must unflag them all at once.

Yes, you can unflag all the Emails that you flagged before. Not only that, you can unflag mails selectively too in your iOS. Isn’t it interesting?

In sum, You can unflag mass emails with just two or three clicks.

How to unflag all emails on iPhone Ios 11 2022?

Whenever you flag an email, you add it to the starred folder or flagged mailbox in your mail. So, what you need to unflag any particular mail or all mails is just remove them from the starred email folder. It is a possible solution for you.

There are a few steps that can help you in unflagging all the emails or multiple emails. I hope it will help you. So, why don’t you try this out?

  • You must have a mail folder in your iPhone iOS 11 device. Unlock your device, and please click on the Mail app icon from the home screen.
  • Then go to the ‘Starred Folder.’ A Starred folder is usually for storing the necessary emails to get them at once when you need them. It helps you to find the important emails at once. So, you will not need to go through all the random emails.
how to unflag all emails on iphone ios 11
  • In the third step, click on the ‘Edit button at the top right corner. It will let you edit the emails in the starred folder.
how to unflag all emails on iphone ios 11
  • As you can see, there is an option for selecting the emails together. So, tap on the ‘select all’ menu to choose all the emails together.
  • After selecting the emails, you will get three bold options at the bottom of your mobile screen. Among them, select the ‘Unflag’ Option. It is done.
how to unflag all emails on iphone ios 11

Yes! You have emptied your starred folder within a short time.

Can I re-flag the emails if needed?

Obviously, you can. You can re-flag or mark the emails immediately after unflagging them.

I know it is essential to keep track of your significant emails. When you unflag emails, you may want to add that email into your starred folder or flagged folder.

If you want to re-flag any email, you need to repeat how you flagged the emails before. It is not something different.

How to flag an Email in iOS 11?

If you want to know how to flag any email, you have to enter the mailbox on your iPhone. Thus, accessing the mail App, Select the Action Button’, which is similar to an arrow.

Then, tap on the ‘Flag’ option. In this way, you can mark any important emails to check later. Let me tell you that you can flag multiple emails with the same procedure.

Moreover,  you can flag the emails with your chosen color. It will help you to categorize the flagged emails.

Why do You need to flag and unflag the emails?

Flagging emails is an easy way to prioritize your emails. It is obvious to receive different emails from various senders. So, after a few days, you may forget to check on your emails that were scheduled to respond later.

For your business purposes, you can mark them, and when you are done with your task, or you don’t need to mark any particular email anymore, that’s the time you need to unflag that email. If you don’t unflag the emails after you have completed your to-do task, your flagged folder will be full of junk or unnecessary emails.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I will say that now you know how to unflag all emails on iphone iOS 11 Simply. The main way is just you need to go to the starred folder and remove your unimportant emails or all emails by unflagging from the editing option.

I hope you have learned many new and interesting things about unflagging and flagging emails. It would be useful for you to keep professionalism in your career.

So, achieve more confidence while working with a mail app on your iOS 11. Unflag emails whenever you need them.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does unflagging an email make it delete?

Answer: You have just unstarred or unmarked the emails you don’t find important anymore. But, obviously, It doesn’t delete the unflagged emails. In sum, Unflagging emails and deleting an email are not the same thing. So, don’t hesitate to unflag a flagged email on your iPhone x or any iOS device.

Where will I find the unflagged emails in the Apple iPhone or iOS device?

Answer: The unflagged email is stored in the inbox of your mail folder. Kindly open the inbox folder to get the unmarked emails again. Remember that the emails will be sequenced as per the receiving dates.

How to mark all unread emails as read on Apple iPhone?

Answer: Go to the mail app and click on the Edit button on the IOS device. Go to the inbox. After that, ‘Select All’ to mark all the emails. And go with the ‘Mark as Read’ option.  In this way, you can mark all emails as read on your iPhone.

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