Is There A Widgetsmith For Android?

Customizing your smartphone is on-trend right now. And it looks like this trend is not going away anywhere soon! So, it’s pretty normal that you don’t like how your phone looks anymore. The phone is our way of social communication, and it only makes sense that it embodies our style. Is there a widgetsmith for android?

Well, all it needs is an application. In this case, you might have seen the real hype around the widget smith app on social media. You can give your old phone a full glow-up using this widget app. But, that information is not why you are here.

No worries! We have prepared this beginner guideline for anyone interested in widgetsmith and how it works. Besides, we will let you know whether you can use this application or not. And, if there is a way to use this app, how can you customize the home screen fully?

Does it sound interesting, now? Then, buckle up for the ride!

Widget Smith: What Is It?

Widgetsmith is the app responsible for creating aesthetic home screen backgrounds on iOS 14. You can either use the free or the premium version. It helps you to decorate your time, date, calendar, news, weather forecast, and blank space widgets as you wish.

You might have seen some iPhone home screens having a running clock as a time widget. Or, someone might add a digital clock system in the middle and the time keeps updating after every second or minute. Then, there is another screen that has a photo as the background of the clock. It’s not a black and white contrast anymore.

Then, we have the calendars. You can choose to have a custom calendar window with the date changing every day. Or, you can use it as a lock screen feature and make it disappear once you swipe up.

As we have gone through this discussion, you must have pictured those colorful iPhone home screens you see on the internet. But what if we tell you that all of this design and customization is done through an app only? And, that’s the app we are digging into in this article. Yes, you guessed it right, the widgetsmith.

Now that we know all the wonderful things we can do with this app, you might be thinking it is an iOS app. And, the next thing you know, you don’t own one. So, is there a widget smith for android? We have answered that just down below. Check that out.

Is There a Widgetsmith for Android?

is there a widgetsmith for android

Do you own an android device? Remember that, you can’t install the app as easily as an iPhone user. If you try to install this app as a typical android software, you will keep failing. To understand this, you have to first know the difference between iOS and Android OS.

 It will clarify all the essential steps you have to take as an android user to enjoy the widgetsmith or any particular iOS app.

How to Use Widgetsmith on Android?

  • For that, make sure you have updated your phone to the latest software version. It is important. So, you can access all the cool features of your widget smith.
  • You already know that an iOS 14 is necessary to get the widget smith functioning smoothly, even on an iPhone. So, as an android user, it only makes sense that you do that too.
  • You might need to clear up some space within your home screen, especially if you want to customize it. There will hardly be any space for a widget if it’s already full with other apps.
  • Make sure you are only keeping the essential ones and moving others in an app library, but also creating as many screens as you want.
  • It is important to have the basic apps on the first screen, including gallery, contact, message, etc. Then, other apps that you use for work or school like social media or doc files. You can keep them on the second screen.
  • During the process, don’t hesitate to delete them altogether if you come across apps that you didn’t use in a long time. It’s better for your memory space.
  • Okay, so the next step of our phone makeover is finding a cute or aesthetic wallpaper. There are multiple themes on your device, but we are looking for something more eye-catchy and personalized. So, go into Pinterest and find something that resonates with your style.
  • To let you get a more effective design, Apple has a “shortcut” app. It is really useful when it comes to customizing the app icons. That means you don’t have to stick with the original app icon, you can play with it to make it blend into the overall home screen environment.
  •  First, you have to enter the “shortcut” and search for a particular app. Ensure to select it and get into the editing interface.
  • Now, you can erase the “name” and the “photo.” Instead of the default look, you can upload a photo you like here, and it will be saved as the “new app icon” for your device. Follow this process for every app on the home screen if you want.
is there a widgetsmith for android
  • It’s time to use the widget smith. In that case, there are so many layouts for you to choose from. For instance, it contains numerous weather, date, and time widgets. All you need is to drag the ideal one into your home screen.
  • You can add a photo album with every widget. You can just pick some relevant pictures from Pinterest and make a “weather” album.
  • Then upload it in the weather widget, and Voila! You have a customized widget. You can follow this same method to add as many widgets as you want to the home screen.
is there a widgetsmith for android

Also, use the drag and drop method to rearrange the widget sequence.

Can iOS Apps Run on Android OS?

Technically, it is not possible. Both the android and the iPhone have a completely different programming language. Why is it important? Because, as you install an application, it should align with the programming of your operating system.

Otherwise, it can’t translate the signals the OS will send and fail to execute them. Apple specifically designs its apps keeping this thing in mind. That’s why popular iOS apps like iMessages are exclusively for iPhone users.

One thing we would add here is that iOS can operate on an android app. But Apple restricts it due to the risk of the firmware. Other than that, only Apple has the source code of the iOS. Nobody can duplicate it or anything. The perks of getting extra security comes with some costs, we guess.

How Does An Emulator Work?

However, there are certain ways to make an iOS app run on your android device. One of such ways is downloading an emulator. Emulator simply means iPhone simulator. It mimics the iPhone hardware settings that are necessary for iOS apps to run and function.

It is like a translator between the android phone and the software. With this new medium, the apps get the sense of iOS-specific hardware. So, there is no trouble for it to understand and interpret the instructions.

This digital medium between these two systems was introduced to help the app developers. Some developers create apps for the ‘App Store.” However, they might not own an iPhone personally.

But, the most crucial part of app development is to check frequently how the app will function in a system. In this case, the emulator helps them turn their android hardware into an iOS one. This illusion gives us an insight into how the app will work on an actual iPhone.

Now, this practice is not limited to developers only. Average users have gained knowledge on how to use the emulator in their favor. One of the favors is to use their favorite iOS app on an android phone without much hassle.

Is It Safe?

The most important question is, whether it is safe or not. In this case, Apple itself granted permission to use emulators, and it is legal too. So, if you were wondering whether it hurts the system or not, there is nothing to worry about at all.

However, it might not give you the best experience as an actual iPhone user. Even if it is possible to recreate some part of the iOS hardware and mimic it, it is still not original. An iOS app will run at its full potential only on an iPhone.

Another reason why it’s safe is no rooting requirement. Whenever any application or software asks for root access, you must sense that it is not permissible by the manufacturers. Since using emulators doesn’t require any kind of root access, we can rest assured about its integrity.

How to Run IOS Apps on Android?

  • First of all, we need an application called “Cider.” Now, remember that you won’t find that app in the Play Store. You have to search for it manually on the web browser and download it from there.
  • Once you download that, you will notice it doesn’t run as another app. That’s because of the x.apk extension at the end. You can’t activate such files without an x.apk installer app.
  • So fair enough, download an x.apk installer from the Google play store. This time you will find it listed there.
  • Then, open the application and set it up. Next, you have to select the x.apk button on the button. It will automatically scan the device and find such file extensions.
  • Next up, try to enter the App Store for Android. This time, there shouldn’t be any problem. You will get an app icon sitting on your home screen. Feel free to enjoy both the play store and the app store at the same time.
  • Once you are inside the app, you can choose whatever app you want to use. There will be a widgetsmith app available too. Through this iOS emulator, you can get any iOS app you want.
  • After that, you search and download an app as usual. There is no further complication at all. Easy, isn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. What Is Widgetsmith?

As you know, Widgetsmith is an iOS app. you can use it to change the look and feel of your smartphone. Various widgets like weather, time, news, date, etc are available here. You’re allowed to pick one and add it to your screen.

2. Can I Run Android Apps On iPhone?

No, it is not possible, simply because both operating systems have different foundations. The programming language is different. So, an android app will not respond when you try to use it on an iPhone.

3. Do Emulators Work?

Emulators recreate the iOS hardware illusion. It is used by expert app developers to test how their apps work or look inside an iPhone. So, there is no reason to judge its integrity and performance.

4. Are Emulators Safe To Use?

We understand why there is so much worry around emulators. But, it is free and safe. You can use iOS emulators to get certain games and other apps like the widget smith

5. Can You Use Widgetsmith For Free?

Yes, widget smith is 100% free to download. But, there are some features only available in the premium version. For instance, spending around $2 per month or $20 per year will be needed to get a widget you like. For some people, that might work.


We spend hours on our phones on a regular basis in our life. So how come it doesn’t reflect our personality? Is there a widgetsmith for android? Widget smith is one of the few home screen customization apps available today.

Although, it will change soon as many apps are promised to be introduced to meet the demand. But, till then, we have to stick with it.

Besides, it is not as tough as you thought it would be, right? Well, so hopefully, you have enjoyed the entire article!

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