How To Unmute An Android Phone Within A Minute

Finding your phone muted often gives you the hard time as you won’t pick up one of your important calls. For example, if you are on the way where you get to see a chaotic environment then your phone’s ringer tone is supposed to be in outdoor mode, so you can hear a loud ring-tone. Instead of that, you get to see your phone automatically go into the muted mode. 

To get rid of this situation, we will let you know how to unmute an Android phone. We know some of the definitive hacks so if you will read between the lines of this whole article, then hopefully one of the hacks will work, for sure. 

1. Troubleshooting Your Device: 

We tried many ways but forget about tweaking our phone a bit so we get to see the ringing volume is working. A simple troubleshooting process with restarting your device will give you a magical solution. Once you have restarted your phone and get to see the same problem then move on to the following guidelines. 

Check Ringer Tone: Have you ever checked before like how many sound categories does your phone have? Well, they are like four categories and those are media volume, call volume, ring volume, and alarm volume.

So, if your ringer volume is zero or minimum then you will need to increase to the higher volume. We recommend you rise it to the maximum level, so you may properly hear the ringer tone. To perform so, you can follow these steps below: 

Step 1: First off, you will need to open the device settings where you can see the sound notifications.

how to unmute an android phone

Step 2: You may not overlook the slider or the volume rocker and the volume has to be above average from the minimum level. 

how to unmute an android phone

2. Fix Do Not Disturb setting:

Have you ever got to see the DND mode or do not disturb settings? Well, this is a dedicated button or option whereas, you can directly mute your phone with just one tap. Moreover, you can also mute the notifications based on a different priority basis. This tool is pretty common on more or less every Android phone. By the way, these settings also automatically mute the caller tune, so you have to have a look at it. 

Keeping this in mind, when your phone automatically goes to silent mode then this option would be a reason, so count it and check this out. To do so, you can follow the below steps and get rid of the muted phone right away. 

Step 1: First off, you will need to open the device settings over there you will need to tap on the soundbar to turn it down. 

how to unmute an android phone

Step 2: Now, easily press on DND-Do Not Disturb

how to unmute an android phone

Step 3: Let’s talk about the differences first, here we show you an image but the option or feature name would be different from one device to another. You may just take a glimpse of it and then smartly find out what your device offer. So you will need to find an option from the DND mode where you will get to see the “Turn on automatically” or similar type option, so tap on it. 

how to unmute an android phone

Step 4: Now on the final stage, you will need to make sure there will be no automatic mode turned on or keep on active mode. If there will be any, then make sure you are gonna turn it down, in a moment. 

3. Check Out Whether The Safe Mode Is Disabled Or Not: 

However, this won’t be the perfect way to fix things but it is a way for identifying the issue. To perform so, you will need to boot your device first so it will go to the safe mode when it is not in the safe mode. Afterward, keep the phone under safe mode for 15 minutes minimum. Because the safe mode feature will disable all other 3rd party apps on your phone, so you may easily identify the issue. 

how to unmute an android phone

The safe mode allows your phone to get on silent mode automatically. Even after switching to this safe mode, your phone may not perform so. In that case, an app would be the main culprit. Aside from that, this would happen for the hardware issue. Therefore, you will need to check out the issues with your phone to resolve them. 

In order to check out the safe mode issues, you can follow these steps below: 

Step 1: Make sure, you are going to turn off your Android phone

Step 2: When you come to see your phone is switched off than long press to the power button before you will see the logo of your phone

Step 3: No sooner it will disappear, make sure you will release the power button then hold the volume down for a while. Don’t forget to leave the holding position before the device will fully boot up. Here in this way, you can take it to the safe mode and it is located at the bottom left corner of your device. 

how to unmute an android phone

An alternative way would be holding the power switch before you will get to see the power off then find the reboot options. Afterward, simply tap on the power off button and hold on for a few seconds. Right after that, a pop up will appear on the screen and ask you to confirm the rebooting process under the safe mode. So tap it on and press okay, and when you need to turn it down then simply restart your phone. 

how to unmute an android phone

4. Uninstall third party app or Update it: 

The recently updated app won’t be the issue. The problem would be with the app which is not either updated or uninstalled. If you can update them they do it or you will need to uninstall them. In order to perform so, the first thing you will need to do is checkout the recently installed apps. So you need to see the permissions settings and disable the access modes of them to have sound control options. 

By the way, if you find it boring to do for every single app then you can uninstall them, turns out, it will save your effort and time. Again, to do so, you will need to go to the settings and then the Application manager. Over there, you can easily tap on the uninstall button or another way would be to go to the Play Store app then uninstall it. 

how to unmute an android phone

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my audio not working? 

Your phone audio is not working because of so many issues. The common one would be you may be turned on your do not disturb mode, which you need to disable and check again. 

How do I turn my sound back on? 

Unplugged your headphone first, and see whether the headphone icon goes away, then check the media volume to rise above the minimum level. Afterward, you can check also the do not disturb mode and this is how you can fix this issue. 

How do you unmute notifications? 

First off, you will need to change the status of the “silent” mode afterward, you will need to turn down the do not disturb mode. Even though it is not working then make sure you will uninstall any third-party app. 

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