How To Take A Selfie With An Android? Secrets Revealed!

Do you always feel jealous when you see the attractive selfies of others while you don’t know how to take a selfie with an Android? To be honest, anybody will feel annoyed if this happens to them! Cause we all know, this is the era of selfies, believe it or not! Capturing and sharing has been a part of our daily lives, and of course, the picture needs to be packed with quality! 

In that situation, if you want to be a pro selfie taker, take a deep breath and relax because we know the solution to this. We have gathered easy ways and other super helpful tricks for you which will help you to not only take a random selfie with your android phone but also make your selfies pretty and unique. 

Subsequently, we will share our expert tips on making your usual selfies more eye-catching and alluring. Want to shock everyone with your bomb selfies? Don’t delay and get deeper to know the actual ways! 

How To Take A Selfie With An Android?

Taking a selfie isn’t that difficult as you assume. Additionally, with an Android, it’s way much easier as Androids have the special quality of taking selfies. Even many features are included in your default camera that can make you fascinated in many ways. Here’s how to take a selfie using your Android: 

  • Step-1: At first, all you have to do is open the default camera of your android. 
how to take a selfie with an android
  • Step- 2: Then you will see the back camera is showing you the scenery in front of you. But that won’t help you to take a selfie. Your selfie needs to be taken using the front camera. 
  • Step- 3: So, now have a look around the whole screen of your phone. You will find an icon having arrow signs surrounding that, that’s it! That is where you have to click. 
how to take a selfie with an android
  • Step- 4: Click the circulated arrow and your front camera will open.
  • Step- 5: Place the front camera at your favorite position from where you can take the prettiest picture of yours! 

Tip: most people can get the best selfies from the left corner of their face. You can try that to make your selfie prettier. 

  • Step- 6: Now you must know what you have to click, you have to click the circle at the bottom middle and the outcome which will be stored in the gallery. So taking a selfie is the easiest recreation you can ever do! 
how to take a selfie with an android

Top 5 Tips For Making Your Android Selfie More Fabulous! 

Now that you know how to take selfies with an Android, we would like to share some tips with you which will make your selfies absolutely stunning! When we see other people posting unique and cool selfies, a part of us strongly wants that. But selfie tricks are hard to catch. 

Well, stop further worrying because here is the escape for you, our top 5 tips will introduce you to your pretty selfies!

  • Tip-1: Wiping The Front Camera

You might not notice the dust and dirt covering your front camera with your bare eyes but the front camera becomes a little dirty being in your pocket or purse or any other place. That mostly happens because of the sweat and dust. Also, when we talk over calls our skin oil can make the camera blurry as well.  

If you don’t take any measures to deal with the dirt then the selfies of yours will look blurry and will come off with an absolutely low quality. 

So here’s the deal, just wipe the front camera with a clean soft cloth or with tissue paper every time you attempt to take a selfie. It will be better if you do with a microfiber cloth which we use for cleaning glasses. Otherwise, you might leave a scratch on the camera. 

Believe it or not, if you do a before and after click, you can notice the difference. 

  • Tip-2: Using The Panorama Feature

If you are thinking to have all the people around you in one selfie then that’s not impossible anymore. Because the Android devices now offer Panorama features on the front camera. Just put the Panorama mode on and get a great selfie with all the things you want to take! 

how to take a selfie with an android
  • Tip-3: Put All The Lights On!

Proper lighting is one of the best tips that we would stick to. The best light source should be the sun. Once you take a selfie under the sunlight, you can see the difference on your own. The brightness adds up to the clarity making your pictures to be high-quality.

You can’t even imagine how pretty the selfies turn into which are captured in direct sunlight. That’s why try to take a selfie in front of the window where the sunlight can touch your face! If you are taking pictures at night, turn on all the lights as you can. Using any sort of yellow lighting will make the outcome more surprising. 

Another thing, don’t take selfies in front of harsh lights, gather as much soft light as you can. Never click a selfie with a light behind you, that will show the worst aftereffect ever! Your face will get zero lightings and the quality will be ruined. 

However, there are thousands of light tricks which can make your selfies better. You can find out one of your personal tricks as well! 

  • Tip-4: Get A Perfect Position!

No matter which selfie pose you are trying, always place the camera in a place from where your eyes and the lens can create a straight line angle, that’s the super-powerful hack of getting great selfies. 

  • Tip-5: Pay Attention To The Shoulder And Neck Position 

A simple but useful trick of getting great selfies is always to keep your shoulder and neck straight while taking a selfie. Other angles often end up giving awful selfies. But with the straight neck, you will always have a glorious one! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What button do you press to take a selfie with an Android?

For taking a selfie you have to first open the default camera app of yours and turn the front camera on. After that, gently click the white circle at the bottom of the touch screen of your Android phone. Just gently click once and your selfie will be clicked. 

Remember not to press or hold the circle. You can also press the volume button to capture a picture. Depending on the device, the upper volume button or lower one will work. 

How do I switch to a front camera on Android?

For switching to the front camera first you have to open the camera app. Now look for a camera icon below that has two arrows surrounding the camera. Once you click that icon your switching to the front camera process will be done!

Do I Have To Download Other Apps For Taking A Selfie With An Android? 

No, you don’t have to! Android devices offer their default camera which is capable of capturing pretty and good quality selfies. Moreover, the default camera offers many filters and features for editing those photos. But if you want to have the features of the individual apps then you can download one or more according to your choice. You can find many apps on the Google Playstore.

Why does my Android front camera give blurry selfies? 

That’s probably because of the dust and sweat on your front camera. The front camera becomes dirty being in your pocket, purse, or any other place. If you wipe the camera with a microfiber cloth or tissue paper before taking the selfie then the selfie won’t look blurry anymore.   

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Wrapping Up 

Honestly taking selfies with Android is the easiest task ever. You won’t be having much trouble, therefore you will be catching some pretty selfies of yourself and with your loving one. So, by now, we think your question about how to take a selfie with an Android has been answered properly. 

Just follow our given methods, and you will also realize how easy it is to take selfies using an Android. However, for the perfect selfie, keep our tips in mind. Every person has different picture profiles. Try to find out your picture profile to look more gorgeous in pictures. 

If you hover around, you will find options like Portrait, Panorama, and many more features on your Android. Different features can give you different experiences. On top of that, you can also use several filters to make your selfies more beautiful. Explore as you like and take an awesome picture of yourself!

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