What is the Default Administrator Password for Windows 10?

What is the default administrator password for Windows 10? It’s a common question by many novice Windows computer users. And in some cases, native computer users also don’t know what the default password stood for and why they need it.

In this article, your favorite tech expert team FixWill will share all the essence regarding this topic. You will also know if you can change, replace or reset it or not. So, without further delay, Let’s jump into today’s solution pack.

What Is default administrator password windows 10?

Actually, there is no such thing as a default pass in a Windows computer. It is indeed also known as an Administrator password, which on the flip side, exists. That being said, there are options that you might need to do with default login credentials without really having one.

There are ways to recover your login details or any other passwords you might have forgotten. You can use these solutions to solve the illusive default password in Microsoft Windows.

Windows 10 Default Administrator Account – How to Enable It?

There is a default admin account on every Windows pc. But you have to enable the account and password to restrict it.

To enable the account, launch the Run dialogue box.

So, click and Windows key and the R key on your keyboard. Or you can do it from the search box beside the Start menu. In that case, run the program as administrator.

What is the Default Administrator Password for Windows 10

Then in the command field, type “net user administrator.”

Afterward, in the next command window, you will witness a branch of data about your account. You can see whether the account is active or not. You are supposed to see the account inactive by now.

What is the Default Administrator Password for Windows 10

To activate the account, type this code in the line of command, “net user administrator /active:yes.” On the next screen, it will appear that the account has been activated successfully. When the account is activated, you can jump to the default administrator’s login page and play with the password as your need.

How to Reset Administrator Password In Windows 10 Without Admin Rights?

Follow the below methods to change or reset your default admin password on any Windows computer.

Method 1: Using the Forgot Password to Change the Default Administrator Password.

It is a straightforward technique. If you don’t know the default user password for Windows 10 and are trapped on the sign-in page, this approach will come in handy. When you set up your admin account, all you needed was the backup email or mobile number. Consider the following steps:

Step 1: If you’re still on the sign-in page and don’t know your password, press the “I lost my password” link located on the screen.

What is the Default Administrator Password for Windows 10

Step 2: After the page has loaded, the next window will appear. You must first pick the administrator account and afterward enter the text displayed in the field. After that, choose “Next.”

What is the Default Administrator Password for Windows 10

Step 3: The last step is to double-check the work. Choose an alternative, such as an email address or phone number, to receive the security code. Verify that the email or phone number is valid, then press “Send code.”

What is the Default Administrator Password for Windows 10

Step 4: Enter the security code and press “Next” after receiving it.

Step 5: All that’s left now is to change the password. Click “Next” after entering a new password. The admin password will be successfully changed.

What is the Default Administrator Password for Windows 10

Method 2: Using CMD to Change Windows Default Administrator Password

Stage 1: Restart your computer after inserting the installation disk. To boot the machine from the installation disk, press any button.

What is the Default Administrator Password for Windows 10

Stage 2: The Microsoft windows configuration software will start.  Press “Shift + F10“to run command.

What is the Default Administrator Password for Windows 10

Stage 3: In CMD, type the lines one by one and hit enter. If the Windows installation drive isn’t c: use it instead.

copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\

At the next step, enter the second command listed below as well.

copy /y c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe

And lastly, use the third code in the CMD.


What is the Default Administrator Password for Windows 10

Stage 4: Exit the command window and terminate the Windows 10 installation. Rerun the computer, except this time skipping the Windows installation disk.

What is the Default Administrator Password for Windows 10

Stage 5: On your login window, concurrently press the shift button on your keyboard five times. The action forces the CMD to be opened in an admin role.

Stage 6: Update the admin password using the commands below in the CMD.

net user” is a term used to describe anyone who uses the account. You may use this function to view the user accounts. Update the password for the user title using the command – “net user user_name new_password.”

What is the Default Administrator Password for Windows 10

Stage 7: Exit CMD and next, log in to Microsoft Windows with the username and password you created.


In the tech tutorial, we have shared detailed info about what is the default administrator password for Windows 10. Above, we enlighten you with the 2 best ways to discover and reset your default account password. Not only that, there is a deep discussion; we have shared how to enable the default account in Windows 10 computer via command panel. If you want to learn more about the most advanced tips and tricks regarding various tech topics, make sure to revisit Fixwill.com. Cheers!


What Is Default Windows Administrator Password?

For any new edition of Windows, there really is no default user password that you can find. Although you can enable the developed Administrator account, we strongly advise against it. The account is still running with admin privileges, and that never requests clarification for sensitive activities.

How Do I Find My Windows Username and Password?

Select Control Panel from the Start menu. Go to the User Accounts section. On the top, select “Manage your network password.” You should be able to search your credentials right here.

Is It Possible to Bypass Windows 10 Password?

Indeed, it is possible to bypass the Windows password. Windows 10 has a built-in feature called Password Reset Disk that allows one to fix their Password manager.
For it to function, you had to build a password reset disk first. You will then use it to disable the Windows 10 password.

How Do I Set the Default Account as Administrator in Windows 10?

You have to use the CMD or command prompt to make your default account an administrator account. The whole process has been described above under the method 2 section of admin account recovery.

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