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how to go back to ios 8

How To Go Back To Ios 8?

Apple Inc. allows you to downgrade your iOS as long as it has a signature by the manufacturer. Know how to go back to iOS 8 and get rid of the iOS 9 bugs. Disable your Passcode and Find My iPhone feature. Get your iPhone connected to a PC with iTunes. In Windows, click Restore […]

how to remove jailbreak ios 8.3

How To Remove Jailbreak iOS 8.3?

If you are familiar with root access, Jailbreak doesn’t need much explanation. Practically jailbreak works in the same way for iOS as root access does for Android. To get rid of Jailbreak, learn the DIY method of how to remove Jailbreak iOS 8.3 and apply it. Firstly, download and install Cydia Impactor. Launch the app […]

how to get all in app purchases free ios

How To Get All In App Purchases Free Ios?

Warm-up While using an app, we get to use some limited features where other features cannot be used without a subscription. Those extra subscriptions or contents that need to be bought to use in an app are called in-app purchases. All of the apps don’t offer in-app purchases. To know about how to get all […]

how to unjailbreak ios 12.4

How to Unjailbreak IOS 12.4?

It is hard to resist jailbreaking iOS devices to open a new realm of adventures and possibilities. But once you free yourself from the jail of iOS limitations, you can no longer receive Apple repair or warranty services. In this case, you need to unjailbreak your device for that. So if you do not know […]

How To Get Teamspeak 3 For Free Ios

How to Get Teamspeak 3 for Free IOS?

Those days are over when people had to physically sit on the same couch to enjoy gaming together. We live in a virtual world where no place is too far! So how do we enjoy the same gaming experience while not being physically close? Well, this is where a high-quality voice chat service like Teamspeak […]

how to downgrade to ios 11.1 2

How to Downgrade to iOS 11.1 2?

Every time Apple drops a new iOS update, users rush to avail of it as soon as possible. But many times, the updated iOS doesn’t work correctly with the device. But don’t worry, you’re not the only person facing this bummer. You might face this problem if the device hardware cannot run the upgraded iOS. […]

How to Create Checkbox in IOS Swift 4

How to Create Checkbox in IOS Swift 4?

Tired of checking your to-do list to see what is done and what’s not? Need something easier that reminds you of your tasks and which are done. So we think we have got the perfect thing to teach you today. Yep, we will let you know how to create checkbox in ios swift 4 and […]

how to downgrade ios 9 to 7

How To Downgrade Ios 9 To 7?

The software update is always good. Being up-to-date is a good thing. Going backward is beneficial if you want to be with your old iOS version. Sometimes, authorities claim that their software update is best. But as you may see, it is not stable like the previous one. So, for those reasons, you can downgrade […]

I/O Shield Tabs

How To Install I/O Shield Tabs?

You’ll often find installing and connecting the IO shields pretty tricky. All the motherboards from different brands come with IO shields. But is it applicable for iOS devices or other mobile devices? If it is, then how to install I/O shield tabs (on iOS)? iPhones are not compatible with IO shields. But the iPhones sometimes […]