How to Take Screenshot on IOS Simulator?

Once you have done the coding for your app, it is time for evaluation. That means converting the codes into an actual functioning system. There are two ways to do it: a physical iPhone and an Xcode simulating device.

Indeed, it is highly beneficial for app developers who want to test out their creation for an IOS model but currently don’t have one.

But somehow, many people these days are struggling to take perfect screenshots on the IOS simulator. And if you can relate to this trouble and want to learn how to take screenshot on ios simulator this article is all you need!

So without wasting more time, let’s get straight into it.

Essential Steps for Taking Screenshot on IOS Simulator?

IOS simulators help developers test their apps during the development process. After you get the Xcode simulating app, drag your project there and choose the iPhone version you want to try. The loading will take some time if you are a beginner. After two or three trials the loading will only take a few seconds, that’s it.

Now moving on to our main problem, here are the easy steps you must follow to take a screenshot on the IOS simulator:

  • First off, open the Xcode simulator and run the project you created. At the top taskbar of the simulator, you will notice one triangle icon and a square one. Use these icons to run the project or pause for some time according to your need.
Essential Steps for Taking Screenshot on IOS Simulator
  • As the app starts running a new window in the phone shape will appear. It represents the app in that particular IOS device.
  • Now open a new terminal as you need to write some commands for the next steps.
  • Give the directory or location of where you want the photo to be saved. If you want it on your desktop, type the command <cd desktop.
How To Take Screenshot On Ios Simulator
  • Then in the next line write the command <xcrum sinctl io booted screenshot screen1.png>. Note that “screen1.png” is the name of the photo along with the format. So, you can improvise it as you seem fit.
How To Take Screenshot On Ios Simulator
  • Now go to the home screen and there you will find the photo you just saved tagged with the specific name. Remember here that the photo will capture that part of your project which was on display while you typed the command for the screenshot. So make sure you have the exact screen on the simulator that you need. Otherwise, you will end up with some random screen capture.

The interesting thing is, with this same procedure you can also record the video of your app running in the simulator. How to do it?

Follow the same process we discussed above including the directory part. Instead of desktop, you can type any location where you want the video to be. Let’s just go with the desktop for now. After that type the command <xcrum sinctl io booted recordvideo>. Again, write the name of the video in the place of “” and press enter. The video will now start recording as you carry on.

The video will showcase exactly how you used the app and it can be found on your desktop. Pretty simple, wasn’t it?

How to Change the Default Path?

If you chose a location while saving the first screenshot in the simulator, it will become a default. Since we did it through the terminal, the simulator will send all your future photos to the desktop. But you can change this default location. Press and hold the “option” or alt key on your board. Within seconds a window will show up asking you a location for the photo.

For an easier approach, you can let the Xcode simulator keep saving screen captures on the desktop. And from there it’s a piece of cake to drag anywhere you want. Just right-click on the photo and choose the cut option. Enter the desired folder in your pc or MAC laptop and paste it there. And that’s how simple it is.

There is another concern regarding screenshots that we hear many times. After you take a screenshot and want to upload it somewhere, you’ll notice that the logos and other features don’t match with the simulator model. For example, the dimension you want is the iPhone 4(640×960). Instead, you got the iPhone 6(621×1104) version of the app.

 So, what can be done? As you drag the project into the simulator, you can see at the bottom bar there is a scale up or down option. Click on it and all the versions and dimensions available will be in front of you.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Where Do IOS Simulator Screenshots Go?

If this is not your first time trying to take screenshots on the IOS simulator, you will find the photos at the usual location. That means the folder or place where your previous photos were saved.

Can You Screen Record iPhone Simulator?

Yes, you can. And the process is discussed in this article as well. Just wipe out the “screenshot screen1.png” part from the command and insert “recordvideo”

How Do I Take A Screenshot On Simulator?

Enter the simulator and run the project>Open the terminal>now type the directory first> now follow the specific screenshot command we provided in this article. And click enter. Check the location you specified here because the screenshot should be there.


Without a doubt, the IOS simulator is pretty popular among app developers because it gives you reports about how your app is going to feel on an IOS device. No need to borrow a physical phone for this purpose.

This virtual simulation system can mimic the IOS system and gives you a demo beforehand. Thus, you can improve the design of your app further until the results satisfy you.

So that was our take on how to take screenshot on ios simulator. Hope you have no doubts or confusion anymore!

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