Best Ways To Fix Wifi Hotspot Turns Off Automatically Android!

Using a mobile hotspot is a common phenomenon. But it’s not free from problems. Running into glitches while using a hotspot isn’t something unexpected. How do I stop my hotspot from automatically turning on?

All you need to do is turn off the hotspot option on your device. Go to the settings, find the hotspot option, and press it. To eliminate the problem, you need to take other measures – disabling the wifi option, selecting the correct timer for the hotspot, etc. All you need to find is why WiFi hotspot turns off automatically Android?

In today’s world, the internet plays a massive role in all spheres of life. Sharing the internet from one device to another is also a common scenario nowadays. So facing problems regarding this case isn’t an uncommon issue.

What Is A Wifi Hotspot?

A WiFi hotspot is a physical location where one can access the internet connection Wirelessly. Usually, people can access the internet through WiFi in most public locations. This Wi-Fi is provided by a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network provider). WLAN is also linked with a router which must be connected to the internet service provider. Though it is very useful, it has some security issues too.

Mostly these hotspot locations are regarded as Wi-Fi hotspots. This location can be both public and private. A mobile hotspot is also known as a portable hotspot. Now, let’s discuss what is a mobile WiFi hotspot on Android devices.

What is a Mobile/Portable hotspot?

A mobile hotspot is also a wireless internet access point that helps to share the internet between several devices. It is available as a portable hotspot on most Android devices. Whereas public WiFi hotspots share the internet provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), a portable hotspot shares an internet connection to nearby devices from your carrier data connection.

A portable or Mobile hotspot is very helpful while traveling or out of the home, or public WiFi connection. It allows you to share your cellular data connection with your friends or family if they don’t have an internet connection on their devices.

What are the limitations of a Mobile hotspot?

A mobile hotspot or portable hotspots are very useful, but it has some limitation too. It only works well when devices are within 30-40 feet of distance. If the devices are out of the range, they won’t be able to connect to the portable hotspot network.

The portable hotspot shares an internet connection using a cellular data connection. Thus, you can only use a portable wireless internet connection where a cellular signal is present. Data speed from a portable hotspot depends on cellular data connection and signal quality.

Moreover, sharing data connection through a mobile hotspot is a battery-hungry process. It sucks a massive amount of power from your battery, especially when the cellular data connection is down. Though many smartphone mobile hotspot turns of automatically  to eliminate excessive power consumption. In this case, a question might hit your mind why does my hotspot keep turning off? Don’t worry; we have the answer for you.

Why Does My Hotspot Keep Turning Off On Android?

A mobile hotspot allows you to share the internet connection with others while using mobile data. While sharing the internet connection, you can also browse the internet on your phone or device. Sometimes, the Android hotspot keeps disconnecting automatically. This portion of the article will find out why mobile hotspot  automatically turns off Android.

Several causes are responsible for mobile hotspot turn off automatically. The most common reason is when the battery saver is on turned on your Android. The Battery saver mode eliminates the applications that consume higher energy to reduce power consumption.

The other reasons causing the trouble can be lots of cache on the device, WiFi is turned on, crossing fixed time period on timeout settings, shared data reaches the limit restriction, etc.

Sometimes, the Android can’t carry multiple operations along with the mobile hotspot (Battery saver). This causes the immediate turning off of the mobile hotspot.

How To Turn Off The Wi-Fi Hotspot On Android?

In most cases, the Android hotspot turns off automatically due to some error in the default settings. The default setting system of a phone sometimes disconnects the device hotspot when no device is connected for a fixed period.

We have listed down a few ways that will help fix this issue. Follow the instructions below to turn off the hotspot automatically.

How To Turn Off The Wi-Fi Hotspot On Android

Turn off hotspot automatically

  1. First, you need to go to the settings application on your Android.
  2. Move to the network and internet settings.
  3. Then, press the Hotspot & tethering option.
  4. Now on the Wi-Fi hotspot option on your phone screen.
  5. Press on the advanced button.
  6. Finally, you can toggle the Turn off hotspot automatically switch.
Wifi Hotspot Turns Off Automatically Android

How to Solve hotspot turns off automatically Android Problems?

If you can’t turn off your mobile hotspot normally or just toggle the option named mobile hotspot, you need to take further steps. 

You can take steps like disabling the battery saver, selecting the right option on the mobile hotspot time-out setting, and restarting or rebooting the phone. 

The way you can proceed to take the steps are mentioned below:

Disable the battery saver

  1. First, go to the settings. 
  2. Go to the battery option.
  3. Disable the icon and name Battery Saver.
wifi hotspot turns off automatically android

The option in battery saver is available in all types of mobile devices. If the option (battery saver) is turned on, some issues may be related to mobile hotspot operation.

Battery saver and mobile hotspot options don’t operate at the same time. To make one of them work, you need to turn off the other one. You can find the battery saver option on the status bar. 

Change Mobile hotspot timeout settings

  1. Move to the settings.
  2. Go to the time-out setting.
  3. Select never timeout.

The mobile hotspot timeout setting allows people to provide an internet connection for a fixed period. 

Suppose the mobile hotspot setting is set with a fixed time like 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, etc. There is a huge possibility that your phone hotspot won’t exceed the period you set on your mobile Hotspot setting. To avoid the problem, you need to set never timeout in the timeout setting.

You can easily find this option on Samsung devices, whereas the feature is unavailable on many other devices. 

Disable the Wi-Fi setting

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Now go to the Wi-Fi.
  3. Disable the option.
wifi hotspot turns off automatically android

The Wi-Fi hotspot never works when the Wi-Fi option is turned on. So it’s recommended to turn off your Wi-Fi connection facilities first and then turn on the hotspot. 

Reboot or restart your device or Android

A simple restart can solve a lot of problems than complex solutions on your Android. Experts strongly suggest restarting your device before initiating any kind of heavy operations on the devices.

Wifi Hotspot Turns Off Automatically Android

It’s also possible to cause problems due to some internal file error. Reboot or restart can solve this problem instantly.

Clear the cache file

You can also fix your Wi-Fi off automatically problem by cleaning the cache files from your phone. You just need to follow the steps:

  1. First of all, you need to go to the settings option.
  2. Now go to the storage.
  3.  Click on cache data.
  4. A Pop up will appear to ask for your confirmation to delete data.
  5. Click ok to delete data.
Wifi Hotspot Turns Off Automatically Android

Use safe mode

You should always reboot your phone on safe mode. It makes sure the presence of third-party applications causes the problem. If you don’t notice any problem during the safe mode, you can be sure that an installed application is the root of your issue. 

Wifi Hotspot Turns Off Automatically Android

But finding the exact app responsible for the hassle is tough. You need to check all the apps one by one to identify the problem-causing app. Despite the hassle, eventually, you will find the application causing trouble.

Use IPV4

One of the solutions you can look into is setting the IP setting properly. To do that, you must set your IP setting to IPV4.4.

You should never select the option “IPV5 and IPV6”. That’s because if you do so, your wifi hotspot turns off automatically on android almost immediately.

Update the phone firmware

Simply updating the phone firmware can solve the most common problems immediately in maximum cases. This problem is also no exception to that. It can boost your android performance besides solving hotspot-related issues.

Wifi Hotspot Turns Off Automatically Android

These methods are here to help you fix your problem. But if you can’t, you can visit the service center to fix your phone any time you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to turn off wi-fi when no device is connected?

The battery life of a device largely depends on the usage of your device. The battery drainage is also caused by the unnecessary use of wi-fi connections. It’s also connected to your device when the device is locked. Moreover, you can’t operate the mobile hotspot when the wi-fi is turned on.

You can simply go to the settings and turn off the wi-fi. To make some advanced settings, you can download other applications as well. One of the applications is named Better wifi On/Off. You can simply download the app from Play Store.

How can I turn on my Wi-Fi automatically?

You can turn on your wi-fi simply by going to the settings options. 

After you press the settings option, you will find an option named “Network and Internet” or something similar to this term. Press the option. Now you will find another option called “Wi-fi preference.”Click on that. 

On that page of the Wi-fi preference page, you will finally get the “Turn on Wi-fi automatically” toggle or option. You just need to turn that feature on.

What does it mean to turn on Wi-Fi automatically on android?

This is such a feature that recollects the wireless routers that you regularly use. So your wi-fi connection is automatically turned on when you are close to those routers. It works even if the location is turned off. 

The OS usually takes two to three days to memorize a fixed router. This turn-on Wi-fi feature is directly available on Samsung androids.

How do I turn off the hotspot timeout on my iPhone? 

Turning off wi-fi hotspot after 90 seconds of idle time is the feature of Apple devices. To fend off this problem, you need to go to the settings of your iPhone. 

Click on “General” and then press “auto-lock.” Following this, press “never.” Hopefully, this will stop the device from turning off.

How do I turn off wi-fi automatically at night?

There are many reasons people want to turn off wi-fi at night. One of the main reasons is radiation called EMF during the sleeping hours. 

You can quickly turn off the wifi by unplugging the power cord, turning off the power switch of the router, turning off wi-fi with remote, buying a power line timer, and using the router user’s interference. You can even put your wi-fi on a schedule by using the pcWRT routers. 

How do I stop my phone from automatically connecting to Wi-Fi?

The recent version of all the android contains a Google slide secretly in the wi-fi settings. Basically, this feature enables wi-fi to connect automatically even if you have turned it off manually. 

All you need to do to prevent automatic connection is going to the settings > Network and internet > Wi-fi preference > turn on Wi-fi automatically. Now turn the toggle off.

Bottom Line 

To wrap up, you can stop the hotspot turn off automatically following some easy steps. So if the question, why does my hotspot turn off automatically ever cross your mind, you don’t need to panic at all!

Resetting or restarting your device is the easiest option to solve this problem. If the problem is not solved, you can try other ways, including disabling the wi-fi connection, setting the correct timeout settings, and so on.

After following all the methods mentioned, you need to contact the service center if you still can’t solve your problem. Thus you can enjoy the uninterrupted hotspot connection.

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