How Do I Restore The Keyboard On Android Phone

Unlike PCs, Android Phones don’t have an external keyboard. This makes it impossible to type anything if this on-screen keyboard goes missing. But if the keyboard disappears for some reason, most people start googling how do i restore the keyboard on android phone.

No matter if you lost the keyboard or want to set the standard one as the default again, the steps to get the keyboard back are the same. You will have to navigate to Settings > System > Languages and Input > On-screen Keyboard. Once you’re there, enable the keyboard you want to use, and you will be done.

Knowing how to change the keyboard is good, but you should also know what might have caused the change in the first place. A keyboard does not change by itself unless there is a problem with the system. So find out the reason as there might just be a hidden problem!

Why Does The Keyboard Disappear?

In most cases, the incidence of keyboard disappearing is not actually a vanishing act. For most complaints, it is seen that the keyboard is changed to a new one instead of the default. The most common swaps of default keyboards are:

  • Gboard
  • Grammarly Keyboard
  • Voice Typing
  • Swype Keyboard
  • SwiftKey Keyboard

Among these options, in most cases, the standard keyboard is found to be swapped with Gboard. Such a phenomenon occurs because of the Gboards‘ tendency of being the default.

For the cases that Gboard does not cause, the fault is with the user. But don’t worry yourself because reverting to the standard keyboard is easy. So how to get standard keyboard back on android phone?

Get Back The Standard Android Keyboard

If you really want to know how to get regular keyboard back on android, follow these few steps, and you will be done.

Step 01: Go to the Settings option.

How Do I Restore The Keyboard On Android Phone

Step 02: Scroll down to the System option and tap on it.

How Do I Restore The Keyboard On Android Phone

Step 03: You will find the Language and Input option in it. Open that.

How Do I Restore The Keyboard On Android Phone

Step 04: Within this option, there should be a Keyboard option. The option might be called Virtual Keyboard or On-screen Keyboard in some phones.

Step 05: This option will show you all your phone’s available keyboards. Select the standard one, and you are good to go.

How Do I Restore The Keyboard On Android Phone

These five simple steps will help you out will all models of android phones. So instead of asking “how to get keyboard back on android LG phone?” or “how to get back the normal keyboard on HTC android” or “how to get the onscreen keyboard back after doing a factory rest on my ZTE z828 android phone?” give these steps a shot. We know you will be successful!

Restore The Keyboard From Scratch

Now that you know how to get back to default keyboard on android, you might be confused about what to do if the keyboard vanishes completely. Now the problem turns to how to get a missing keyboard back on android instead of just the default one.

You can follow the previously mentioned five steps to get the keyboard back. But if your phone completely deleted the keyboard option, you will have to use a non-standard keyboard.

You can easily get these from The Google Play Store. Some of the most commonly used keyboards are:

Gboard – the Google Keyboard

How Do I Restore The Keyboard On Android Phone

This is the most commonly used non-standard keyboard. It is an excellent choice as it has swipe-type and voice-typing features pre-integrated.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

How Do I Restore The Keyboard On Android Phone

Though this keyboard is not as famous as Gboard, it is better. This keyboard has all the features of Gboard but still is lighter and faster!

Grammarly – Grammar Keyboard

How Do I Restore The Keyboard On Android Phone

If you want the best keyboard to help you with your grammar, then this is the perfect one. It gives you a helping hand by pointing out the grammatical mistakes in your text while you are typing. But this one doesn’t have the voice typing feature.

Fonts Keyboard

How Do I Restore The Keyboard On Android Phone

This is the perfect app for those who have artistic taste or just want to stand out. The keyboard is like a regular old keyboard but has a ton of built-in fonts within it. You can mix and match the fonts to express your mood perfectly.

Fleksy Free Keyboard Themes with Emojies Swipe-type

How Do I Restore The Keyboard On Android Phone

The most memetastic keyboard for this generation is this Fleksy keyboard. This has a ton of GIFs, Emojis, and the swipe-type feature. But sadly, there is no voice typing feature in it.

If you opt to download and use any of these keyboards or just want to use any non-standard keyboard suitable to your liking, follow these steps to help you out.

Step 01: Download and install the keyboard you want to use.

Step 02: Then go to Settings > System > Languages and Input > On-screen Keyboard

Step 03: If you installed the app correctly, then the keyboard you want to use will be available among the list of other keyboards. Enable it, and you will have a fresh new keyboard in your arsenal.

How Do I Restore The Keyboard On Android Phone

Get Voice Typing

After swapping your standard keyboard to any non-standard one, the first thing you will notice is the absence of the mic icon. This icon lets you use voice typing with ease.

But in non-standard keyboards, this feature is not that easily accessible. That’s why many ask how to get speech to text back on message keyboard on android?

To re-enable the feature, follow these few steps.

Step 01: Go to Settings > System > Languages and Input > On-screen Keyboard.

Step 02: There should be a Google voice typing option. Enable it.

How Do I Restore The Keyboard On Android Phone

Step 03: Now, go back to where you want to type and open the keyboard.

Step 04: There should be a small keyboard-like icon on the bottom right corner, tap on it.

How Do I Restore The Keyboard On Android Phone

Step 05: This will open a list of enabled input mechanisms, select the voice typing one and start speaking.

How Do I Restore The Keyboard On Android Phone
How Do I Restore The Keyboard On Android Phone

If you want the microphone icon back and really want a solution to “how to get voice input button back on my android keyboard,” we suggest you use the Gboard keyboard. This keyboard has the voice typing feature enabled by default.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get my keyboard back to normal on my android?

If you refer to a standard keyboard by normal, follow the procedure we mentioned above. The gist of the steps is to go to Settings > System > Language and Input > On-Screen Keyboard.

And from there you can select the keyboard you want to use. If you have any non-standard keyboards, they will show up on the list so just disable them.

I use different keyboard for an android phone, how to get the microphone back on the keyboard?

The voice and typing features are not available in non-standard keyboards like Font Keyboard or Emoji Keyboard. So you will not be able to find a microphone on such keyboards.

But if you still want to use the feature, simply enable the Google voice typing from the on-screen keyboard option under settings. This will let you use the feature without swapping the entire keyboard.

How to get my android tablet keyboard back to normal on split in half?

Some android tablets have the feature of split-screen in them. This is a helpful feature for productivity. But this split feature is glitchy when it comes to non-standard keyboards.

So if you are having trouble turning the split-screen keyboard back to normal, we suggest you use the standard keyboard instead of the non-standard ones.

Is it possible to use multiple on-screen keyboards on android?

An Android device can have multiple keyboards enabled. But you can only use a single one at a time. You will have to swap between them while typing if you want to use multiple ones. It is a hassle unless your phone has the quick swap feature.

Otherwise, we suggest you stick with a single keyboard type instead of jumping between various ones.

How to get larger keyboard back on android?

Sometimes the keyboard might ket configured by accident. To turn it back to normal, you will have to change the preference settings of the keyboard.

If you are using the default keyboard, use the keyboard’s cog-like icon. For non-standard keyboards, you can change them from the downloaded app.

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Final Words

Without a keyboard, a phone is useless. This is a downside of android only if you don’t know how to get keyboard back on android. But if you know how to do the change or bring it back, you will have colossal customization freedom.

Losing the keyboard is terrible but not knowing how to bring it back is worse. And once you know how to get it back, you can give your phone a custom keyboard unique to you!

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