How Do I Change Airpod Settings On Android?

It is no difficult task to change or customize the AirPods settings to access different features on the connected Android device. But for a newbie, it can seem quite intimidating. Besides that, if you have never customized the settings, you may puzzle over how do I change airpod settings on android. And to bring you out of the puzzling maze, we will review the whole process in detail. 

Not everyone will want to access the same settings for their AirPods. Because everyone has their own preference for listening to music or audio and accessing the quick features. So, keeping that in mind, we will list down several AirPods customization methods, enjoying a variety of features on Android. Stay tuned!

Can You Change AirPods Settings from Android?

As AirPods are not Apple-specific devices, you can connect them to any Bluetooth featured device, specifically Android. And they will work fine on your Android device as long as the Bluetooth connection is strong and there is no technical glitch.

But when it comes to customizing or changing AirPods settings from the connected device, it can quite confuse you if you are using the AirPods on Android for the first time.

You cannot customize or change the Settings of the AirPods from any connected devices other than the iOS device itself. So, even if you get to use the AirPods customized features on Android, you cannot change the settings from Android. Apple does not give Android the freedom to do so because of security reasons. 

You have to pair the Android device with your AirPods first. Then you will need to connect the AirPods to your iOS device or iPhone, and then change the settings from the iOS screen. After that, you can use those features on Android. So, to change the AirPods settings carefully go through our next section. 

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How Do I Change Airpod Settings On Android?

How Do I Change Airpod Settings On Android

There are different generations of AirPods available. And accessing the settings screen is the same for all of them. But the features or settings you can change will be different. So, here are the steps to follow:

  • If you are using the first or second generations of AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max, you need to connect them to your iPhone after connecting them to Android.
  • So, open the case of the AirPods with the AirPods in them and keep the case near the iPhone.
  • An animation with AirPods will appear on the screen then you need to tap on the Connect option, and it will connect them to your iPhone. Before completing the process completely you might need to follow some prompts and go through some screens if you are connecting them for the first time or after a reset. 
  • Then from the home screen of the iPhone or any page or screen, you are currently using, swipe down from the right edge of the screen to bring the quick access menu with the available buttons.
  • However, if you are using a previous iOS version or iPhone with a physical home button you need to swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access the quick access or the control center menu. 
  • From the control center, swipe right to left in order to locate and open the Settings screen. 
  • Then find and open the Bluetooth section and head to the My Devices or the Connected Devices. 
How Do I Change Airpod Settings On Android
  • From the Connected Devices list, find your AirPods name and click the lowercase “I” or the information icon you can see next to the device. Then you will see some of the settings you can change based on the model of your AirPods.

Follow any of the customization options below according to your preferences. 

1. Rename the AirPods

You will notice that the name of your AirPods is set by your name. By default, Apple sets your name for them. But you can change the name according to your own liking. For that, follow these steps:

  • Once you are on the Settings screen for the AirPods you are using, you will see there are several sections or options to change the AirPods settings. From there, click on the Name section. If you are on a Macbook, you will need to select the Rename option. 
  • Then click on the field with your name in it. 
How Do I Change Airpod Settings On Android
  • Press the backspace key from your keyboard to delete the default name. Then enter whatever you would like to name your AirPods.

2. Customize the Double Tap Settings or Features

If you are using the first and second generations of the AirPods, you will get to customize several functions with the Double-tap feature. Then if you tap on any of the AirPods twice quickly, it will change the features.

And the customized double-tap functions or features will work when you have connected the AirPods to an Android as well. So, to change this setting. All you have to do is – 

  • On the AirPods settings menu, locate and open the Double Tap-AirPods section. 
  • Then it will show you the Left and Right sections. You can choose any of the options. 
  • Under the Left or Right sections, you will get to see the Siri, Play/Pause, Next Track, Previous Track, and “Off” options. 
How Do I Change Airpod Settings On Android
  • If you select or checkmark the Siri option for the Left or Right AirPod, then while you double-tap the Left/Right AirPod, it will bring Siri to your iOS device. But you cannot get to use the Siri feature for your connected Android device. 
  • You can jump to the next or previous song or audio or pause the current audio you are listening to by selecting the respective options available for them.
  • If you want to turn off the double-tap feature, then select the “Off” option for the Left/Right or both AirPods. After that, even if you double-tap the AirPods accidentally, it will not invoke any feature. 

Remember that you cannot change the Left or Right AirPods double-tap settings at once. You need to manually change the settings for both ears, one by one. 

3. Automatic Ear Detection

If you want your AirPods to play or pause music even if you remove one AirPod from your ear, then the Ear Detection feature is for you. Follow the steps given below in order to activate or deactivate it:

  • After you click the AirPods from the “Connected devices” list, you might need to scroll down a bit to find the Ear Detection option. 
How Do I Change Airpod Settings On Android
  • Now, if you want to pause the music you are listening to, ensure to tick off the Ear Detection Slider in both Airpods, once you remove one Airpod.
  • But if you want the music or audio to continue playing in the AirPods, even after removing one or both AirPods from your ears, then disable the Ear Detection slider. 

We recommend keeping the Ear Detection turned on. Because it will save the battery life of your AirPods. Especially, when you forget to pause the music manually after you place the device in the case.

But remember that for this feature to work, the AirPods need to be connected to the iPhone as well along with the Android. For the older generations of AirPods, this settings change might not work on Android. 

4. Noise Control Modes 

The AirPods Pro or the AirPods Max come packed with three types of noise cancelation modes to make your listening experience better. You can customize their settings to enjoy these features on your connected Android device as well. Here are the steps to customize these settings:

  • While the AirPods are connected to your Android phone and iPhone, head to the Noise Control section from the iPhone AirPods settings screen. 
  • You will see a slider, select the Noise Cancellation mode to block all external sounds while you are listening to music from your Android. 
How Do I Change Airpod Settings On Android
  • You need to change the settings to Transparency mode if you want to listen to the external sounds as well. If you are using your Android and AirPods in a public place or gym it is better to turn this mode on to avoid any potential risk from the surroundings. 
  • However, if you want a general listening experience on your Android, then you must drag the slider to the “Off” option straight away from the iPhone screen. And it will turn off any other additional audio mode for the AirPods. 
  • Also, if you long-press the sound control slider on the iPhone control center, it will give you options to switch between the three modes and customize their settings. 
How Do I Change Airpod Settings On Android

5. Press and Hold AirPods Features

If you do not want to open your iPhone to switch between the noise cancellation modes on Android, you need to customize the Press and Hold features. For that, here are the steps as follows:

  • From your iPhone or iOS device, open the Press and Hold AirPods section after clicking on your AirPods from the connected devices. 
How Do I Change Airpod Settings On Android
  • Then click on the Left or Right section and enable the Noise Control feature. 

Thus, it will let you activate and switch between the modes when you swipe down the stem of the AirPods. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. Can You Use All The Customized AirPods Settings on Your Android?

No, you cannot use all the customized features of AirPods on Android even if you change them from the iPhone screen. Apple narrows down the features when you connect the AirPods to other non-iOS devices. 

2. Why Do the Changed AirPods Microphone Settings Do not Work on Android?

AirPods microphones do not have the feature to follow or receive a voice command from two different devices at the same time. But you can disconnect all other devices and keep your Android connected, and try whether the microphones receive your voice input or not. 

3. Can You Change the AirPods Microphone Settings to Use it With Android?

You can change and specify whether to use the left or right AirPod microphone from the Settings. But you cannot use the microphones when you have connected the AirPods to Android. The customized microphone settings only work when you are using the AirPods with iPhone only.

4. Can You Enable the AirPods Spatial Audio to Use it On Android?

Yes, you can, only if you are using the AirPods Pro or AirPods Max do you get to customize this feature. It gives you a dynamic and 3D listening experience even on your Android.    

5. Is the Head Detection Setting the Same as the Ear Detection?

Yes, head and ear detection are the same features. On AirPods Max models, the Ear Detection comes by the name of Head detection. But when you customize the settings, they provide the same feature.  


Not all AirPods features will work on the connected Android device. So, it is no use to change all the AirPods settings from the iPhone. As there are limitations over the compatibility or availability of the customized settings on the Android, it can quite confuse you over which settings to customize. 

But we have tried our level best to break down how do I change airpod settings on android so that the features can be compatible with the Android device as well.

While you have connected Android and AirPods, be sure to disconnect the other devices from the AirPods. Otherwise, the heavy network traffic might interfere while accessing the customized settings or features on Android.  

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