How To Disable Signature Verification In Android Without Root?

Suppose you are about to modify any Android app or reinstall any system app. In that case, you will have a problem with signature verification. Signature Verification is the identification for an Android device to verify the authentication for any Android app.

If there is an app, you want to reinstall or update that application. Then Android will search for the author’s name and other staff to verify authenticity. If those do not match the previous version, they will not be installed on your device.

And therefore, the question comes, “how to disable signature verification in Android without root?” This article will show you signature verification and how you can disable it using the lucky patcher app.

What is Signature Verification in Android?

If you understand by knowing the use-case, the theory will be more understandable. Therefore, here we will show you some use-case of signature verification. And then, you will find if that is necessary to break or disable signature verification?

Use Case of Signature Verification

Let’s start by showing an example; if a signed APK is on your device  (holding the author’s name and other details inside that app), you need to install any unsigned APK update.

You have an app from the play store. Now you want to install an updated version of that app with some modded features (like, pro version for free or ad blocked) that are not available in your install version. Then this is the time when you may want to break the signature verification.

Moreover, suppose you want to change or rebuild any system app as your preference. In that case, you have to bypass or disable signature verification. If you are not aware of those apps, then they may cause harm to your device.

You will not need to break signature verification for an app other than those reasons. Just delete the previous app and install the new one. And it will be magnificent. Below, we will show you how to disable signature verification for an Android app without root.

How to disable signature verification in Android Without Root?

If there is a rooted device, disabling the signature or turning off ads for any app will be easy. But, since you have an unrooted device and search for a without root method, that will not be an easy way.

So, be with us, and we will show you how you can use those methods to disable signature verification.

Those methods may vary in several ways. So, if one is not working for your app, go for other methods. To perform those methods, we will use the lucky patcher app only. Let’s see how to download and install lucky patcher.

How to Download and Install Lucky Patcher?

Follow through these steps, and you will successfully install the lucky patcher.

To download lucky patcher, You have to go to a Chrome browser on your Android phone. Then, search for the lucky patcher and open the first link shown in

How To Disable Signature Verification In Android Without Root
  • Second Step: Scroll down to find a DOWNLOAD LUCKY PATCHER INSTALLER button. Click here, and you will see the page shown in image 1.
  • You will have options to download lucky patcher from several places on the next page. Choose the latest version and click on MIRROR LINK repeatedly to see the page written DOWNLOAD NOW.
  • Open desktop view or desktop site to see the entire page. Then click on the Download now button to download the installer APK.
  • After downloading successfully, open the download folder from the default file manager. You will have a lucky patcher app installer APK there.
  • Tap on the installer, and there will be installed with some clicks.
  • You will have to permit to install the unsafe app from the installer. Because this app is not permitted for the Android operating system, then you will see the app is installed successfully.

Now, you can use this software to check signature verification status and disable signature verification for apps on Android phones.

How to Disable Signature Verification in Android?

Before disabling the signature of an Android app, you should take a backup of that particular app, then try to rebuild, or some are doing disabled thing will be secured. So, in the first part, we will show you how you can backup apps and get you to disable the function.

How to backup app data using lucky patcher?

Using some simple steps, you can get a backup of any Android app to your sd card in a few seconds. To do that, just select the file you want to get a backup. Then click on tools and Backup.

There a new window will open the written Backup .apk file. Select that option. And your app will be backed on this path (Android >data >ru.ycgawpap.yyhyuogyf > files > LuckyPatcher > Backup). Go there and copy this app to your SD card.

How To Disable Signature Verification In Android Without Root

How to Disable Signature Verification?

There are different methods to disable signatures here. You will see some of them, including some essential steps. At first, we will show you the first steps one by one, then the rebuild process.

  • To disable signature, you have to select the app first, go to the Tools option, and remove selected saved purchases if any earlier purchases.
  • Then turn back to the main options and select Menu of Patches. In there, you will have some options for creating modified APK files. Those are for next time.

To disable now, you have to select APK without License Verification, where you will have some options related to removing or disabling signature verification.

How To Disable Signature Verification In Android Without Root

Disable Signature verification

Follow these steps to disable the signature, but it’s recommended to backup the app before that.

  • You have to select the Auto and Signature Verification Killer option and then Rebuild The App. If your app patch is successful, then install it.
  • Now, try without Auto Mode and Rebuild The App again. After finishing, browse and reinstall the app again.

If the instructions above do not work, follow the step below:

  • Then, select the Auto Mode and the last option in this list. And rebuild the app again. In success, install the app from the following reinstall option.
How To Disable Signature Verification In Android Without Root
  • Now you have to stop google ads. To do that, go back to the previous page and select APK without Google Ads and from there, select default selection and Rebuild the app again. After Finishing the rebuild, browse the file to reinstall the app again.
  • As the last option for your app, you have to select the simplest way to the previous to resign option on the list and resign the app, and there will automatically rebuild the app, and you have to install the app from there.
How To Disable Signature Verification In Android Without Root

After a successful installation, you will find a green leaf on the Lucky Patcher app, which indicates the success of the verification.

how to disable signature verification in android without root


To conclude, we can tell you that this is a compelling app. Using this app, you can do many things, including disabling driver signature verification and more. And you may have already seen above that it is risky software.

Because the power may harm your system app by mistake, always read the instructions clearly to use Lucky Patcher and enjoy doing core patches without root.


Can I install unsigned APK?

– Yes, you can install the unsigned app APK. First, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and turn it ON. After allowing that, you can now install any unsigned APK or any third-party app on your device

What is Patch to Android in Lucky patcher?

– Using Lucky Patcher, you will be allowed to rebuild the app or modify it to turn off google ads or disable signature verification. Also, you can use it to install custom APK files on your Android device.

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