How to Change Phone Location Android?

To many smartphone and tablet users, their privacy is beyond anything. And in this new era of information and communication technology, apps are getting over this privacy. So, sometimes you may want to keep things private. That is where you need to know how to change phone location Android.

Since your phone requires the use of Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular networks, it will find out your location exactly. That’s especially useful if you choose to use location-based applications such as Uber or Google Maps to find your device.

Location tracking is also vital when the smartphone is robbed. A range of accuracy settings gives you control over where you choose to aim, concerning data use and battery life, even reducing it to a bit.

Whatever the reason is, you want complete control over your smartphone location access. We will share how to change and manage your app’s location access in Android devices in this informative article.

how to change phone location android

How to Change My Phone Location to Another Country?

For frequent travelers, it is essential to change their phone location due to the circumstances. You can follow any of the below tricks to change your android phone location.

1.  Get A Local Carrier

Since the location tracing is dependent on your sim or mobile network, you can first start with it. Purchase a local sim from a telecom retailer.

Then you would need to set this up on your phone. Insert the sim in your device, then. Now go to your phone Setting menu.

Do a factory reset from the About Phone or Backup & Reset section (depending on your android phone model and OS version), do a factory reset. Make sure to back up your important data before performing the reset.

how to change phone location android

When the sim restarts, you need to set up the location setting based on your Sim card. Now, click on the region or country that you are in.

2.  Change Location in Google Play Store

You can also change the location or region of your Android smartphone from Google Play Store. Thus, you need to follow the rules given below.

Unlock your smartphone and launch the Google Play Store app. Click on the options icon in the upper left corner. It will slide left the menu.

how to change phone location android

Now, tap on the Preference. Under there, you will discover the Country & profile section.

how to change phone location android

The problem with this method is it can detect your current location via Wi-Fi and GPS. When it does, a popup screen will appear to switch back to the current location. You just need to ignore it.

Afterward, got to the add a payment section. It is located under the Switch Region section. Now you have to add credit card information. Google actually confirms your location changes via the payment gateway info for security.

Make sure to confirm after adding the info if any alert box appears. Once you confirm, the Google Play Store region would be changed according to your payment gateway.

how to change phone location android

Depending on the country, it might take up to 24 to 48 hours to confirm the changes.

3.  Mock Location from Developer Options

Mock location is integrated into the majority of modern Android smartphones. However, this feature is only available to users, and you must first allow the Developer Options. Here is a quick step-by-by-step method to enable mock locations visible on any Android smartphone.

It can be discovered in Settings > About Phone on specific devices and Settings > Software Information on some.

how to change phone location android

Click the Build Number button 7 times in a row (don’t take a break). It will allow you to access the Developer Options on the phone.

how to change phone location android

Return to the Settings, where you’ll see the recently introduced Developer Options features. Click on the section from here.

It will open up a list of the device’s developer tools. Simply find and enable the Allow Mock Locations option there.

how to change phone location android

4.  Fake GPS Location Android with App

The mock locations option is just part of the task; allow it or not. If you want to switch your phone’s location, you must install a spoofing (fake GPS) application. Fortunately, the Play Store has a plethora of reliable free and premium location spoofing tools to choose from.

You should leave the Fake GPS application working in the background while using another app (such as Pokemon Go, Whatsapp, Youtube, or other similar apps) to navigate the new location’s preferences.

After you’ve activated the mock location option on your Android, fly to the Google Playstore and browse for a spoofing application. You can search for apps like fake GPS, GPS simulator, and so on to find what you’re looking for. We are using Lexa’s Fake GPS here.

how to change phone location android

To install the Android smartphone application, just click on the official app in the results pages. It’s a secure, streamlined location hacking software that works on all popular mobile devices.

how to change phone location android

Then, go to Settings > Developer Options on your smartphone and make sure the functionality is turned on.

You’ll see a Mock Location App area here. Simply click it to see a collection of all the location spoofing applications you have downloaded. Choose the newly installed Fake GPS application to make it the phone’s primary mock location app.

how to change phone location android

Then all you have to do is open the Fake GPS app on the smartphone and place the pin on the graph to the area you want. You may also use the search option to find any spot.

To allow spoofing, click the start (play) icon upon specifying the spot. Open the Fake GPS app again and tap the stop (pause) button to disable the spoofing function.

how to change phone location android

If you delete this folder, it will regenerate itself. But sometimes you might lose some updates. So, be careful about managing or editing this folder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Change My GPS Location on Android?

Android with the system app does not allow you to change your GPS location. But it will enable you to change the location with the help of third-party apps. We have shared above how to change your GPS location with an app on an Android smartphone. Read the section to learn the whole process.

Can My Phone Be Tracked If Location Services Is Off?

Unfortunately, yes, your smartphone can be tacked without the system location feature also. The Android location tracking feature is dependent on three components: GPS, Wi-Fi, Cellular network.

If your phone has any of these turned on, you are definitely tracked by the system apps and other location-based apps such as Uber.

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It is true that giant companies still have more access to your privacy more than ever. So sometimes, taking your own responsibility to get rid of this issue is not a wrong decision. Managing your location access might be a bit tricky before you know how to change phone location Android. Now you can actually control your privacy more. Let us know which stop you are following and why.

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