Downgrading Iphone 4s | How To Downgrade Ios 6.1 6 To 6.1 3?

Having an older version of iOS is beneficial in some situations. The older version of an iPhone will be much more stable than the newer version. You may feel comfortable with the old iOS version.

And sometimes, you can use a stable older version than a recent version. So, let me show you downgrading iphone 4s and how to downgrade iOS 6.1.6 to 6.1.3breaking jail.

Before downgrading, you have to take steps first, Including jailbreak and setup using Cydia.

Downgrading Iphone 4s Or How To Downgrade Ios 6.1.6 To 6.1.3?

Jailbreak and Flash to iOS 6.1.3

Before downgrading your iPhone, you have to jailbreak your phone. You will need some knowledge first. And have to download the compatible iOS version for your iPhone.

Take your phone and go to settings > general > About to gather information about your phone. Then follow the steps below to download jailbreak & flash that phone.

How to Download iOS 6.1.3

To downgrade your device, You have to download the iOS version first. For that, Visit this Link.

Here, you will have your iPhone model. Select your phone, and then there will be a list of iOS versions. Select 6.1.3 and download iOS 6.1.3 Ipsw.

downgrading iphone 4s

How to Download Jailbreak Software

To jailbreak, you need to download a software named 3utools. To do that, open your favorite browser and search for 3utools. From there, download 3utools and install with a few simple subsequent clicks.

downgrading iphone 4s

How to Jailbreak and Flash 6.1.3

After doing the above steps, you are ready to start Flash your phone and Downgrade it. Follow through the steps we mention, and you will succeed in the process.

1st step: Make sure your phone has no passcode set. To do that, open settings > Passcode lock > {use passcode} > Turn Passcode off > Turn Off > Confirm Passcode > keep iCloud keychain.

2nd step: Connect your phone to a computer using a cable connection.

3rd step: Open 3utools and detect your phone automatically as your iPhone model, iOS version, etc.

4th step: Now, hold the power + home buttons of your phone for 10 seconds. And you will see iDevice Connected (DFU Mode) on 3uTools.

downgrading iphone 4s

5th step: After that, go to the Flash and JB tab from the top menu. In that section, you will have an option called Pro Flash import Firmware. Select that, and there that will say you choose the downloaded iOS version you want to install. Select the downloaded one you have done previously.

6th step: Before starting Flash, select reserve baseband while flashing. Then Click Flash to initialize the flashing process. After a few moments, you will need to agree. See a progress bar showing how much flash is done on your phone.

downgrading iphone 4s

7th step: After Flash, again go back to the Flash & JB tab. Below you will see Advance. Select that, and at the bottom right corner, you will see Tethered Boot. Select that and wait a couple of times.

downgrading iphone 4s

8th step: After a few times, you will see the homepage of your iPhone. After unlocking, you have to set up your phone again.

How to Set up Your New iPhone

After a new flash, you have to set up your device settings first. Then you will have access to your new OS. Here we will show you setting those and having iOS version 6.1.3 running on your iPhone.

1st step: Select language, Country or region, Wifi, Enable your location, Select Setup New.

2nd step: If you like to connect with your Apple id, connect with your Apple id or skip there.

3rd step: You will have terms and conditions, Select Agree. In the Diagnostics section, select Don’t send. And by this, your flash is done.

How to Keep Apps Running on Background

Sometimes, you may get some trouble using an iPhone because of not working in the background. To keep running in the background, you will need to install an insomnia app.

Step 1: The last app you will see is Cydia. Open it. There, you will have three options to choose from as a user. You can select either user or developer. We are using users, and from there, you have to search for an app called insomnia and install it.

Step 2: After installing the insomnia app, open it and do not stop apps in the background.

After all those steps, now you can check your iOS version by visiting Settings > General > About. You will see that your iOS 6.1.3 is running on the system. Or, if you check the Software update, you will see the latest version is downloading. To prevent that, follow this method.

How to Prevent Auto Update on iOS 6.1.3

You can prevent auto-update by going to the app store. After a few moments, a popup will appear, iOS Update Available. From there, select Later, and an update will be turned off. Your phone will remain in the same version of OS.


IOS 6.1.3 is the stable version for phones like iPhone 3, 4 series. And having an upgrade is available for everyone. But, going back to the previous version is not possible. Therefore, we are giving you the way how you can downgrade iOS 6.1.6 to 6.1.3 or downgrading iphone 4s.

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How can I downgrade my iPhone 4s without iTunes?

– You can follow through our article, and you will see we have discussed a simple way how you can downgrade using 3uTools instead of iTunes.

How do I downgrade my iOS without a computer?

– You can not downgrade your iPhone without a computer. Because at least you will need 3uTools to go through the process of Flashing your phone and jailbreaking it.

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