how to install android 5.1 on hp touchpad

How to Install Android 5.1 on HP Touchpad?

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Your old HP Touchpad is probably giving you trouble. The problems you’re suffering are like issues in loading, selecting another feed, loading bible module, mail app, and stuff like that! You fade up facing the same bummers time after time, right?

Well, if you’re thinking of jumping from WebOS to Android on your HP Touchpad, this article on how to install android 5.1 on hp touchpad will come in handy!

The HP touchpad originally came with the webOS operating system. But for years, app developers have been working on loading the latest versions of Android. So, undoubtedly, your hp touchpad will support android 5.1. Learn all the nooks and crannies right here.

What is Android 5.1?

how to install android 5.1 on hp touchpad

Finding a person who doesn’t use a smartphone is rare nowadays. The main operating system of touch-screen phones is Android and 5.1 is one of its popular versions with several astounding features. It is indeed a bundle of operating systems and a set of key applications collaborated with Google Inc.

Even years ago, manufacturers were trying hard to match HP and Apple’s iPad to discover the TouchPad. However, later HP first came up with the touchpad with WebOS. As HP abandoned the platform and probably users are facing different issues, why not let your hp touchpad breathe a new life by installing android 5.1!

Things to Consider before Operating Android on an HP Touchpad

how to install android 5.1 on hp touchpad

Android and WebOS both are mobile operating systems based on Linux. And, both of them provide satisfactory responsiveness. But, with time there is a greater share in the smartphone market compared to webOS devices.

Whereas, you will find Android-installed devices from different vendors like Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc. Only HP devices have HP webOS.

However, WebOS is still there and HP is supporting the touchpad. You should operate a device that is able to run both of the systems. Feel free to use either Android or webOS on your same device by rebooting it with this multi-functional boot system.

You may face incompatibilities with software and hardware while running AOSP 5.1 as the model of the HP touchpad is 4 years older. For example, you may face problems while trying to pair up Bluetooth accessories.

Nonetheless, other functions like internet features and browsing functions are quite usable under this system.

How to Install Android 5.1 on HP Touchpad:

Earlier it was a tricky process, but recently thanks to developers things are simpler. As you’re earnestly interested to know the detailed instructions, just read on-

What Utilities are Involved to Get Started?

In this process, the first step includes loading all the necessary files such as Palm Novacom, Java. If yours is any of them among Windows, Linux, or OSX, you can get much support for carrying out this step.

In that case, there is no need to install Java or Virtualbox. You can directly download and install the SDK.

Also, you need to download the software below if you want to do the custom installation:

  1. Line Interface tool (Novacom)
  2. Moboot from Google code, but not to unzip it
  3. CyanogenMod 7.1.0 ALPHA 1
  4. ACMEInstaller

File Transferring

how to install android 5.1 on hp touchpad

Now it’s time to copy the file to your HP Touchpad. After setting the boot in webOS, connect it to your PC with a USB cable. Press on the USB Drive to transfer files from your computer to the touchpad.

After the drive is well-organized, copy all the other files creating a log file for installation.

But there should be at least 2GB of media space for system files to partition it. Make sure you leave the USB cable connected while ejecting the tablet from your computer.

Bootloader Installing

Right now, hold the power button of the touchpad and shut it down. Switch on the device and right after press the up button of volume till you see the USB symbol on the screen.

Unlike Os X and Linux, draw out the files to wherever you installed the executable novacom file from the

To navigate the executable file that you transferred to the ACMEInstaller, open a promotional command on your computer by using the cd command.

After some time the device will start rebooting. You will see a Linux booting screen with Tux at the top scrolling down text. After compilation of the booting process, your touchpad turns into a completely CyanogenMod 7.1 category functional Alpha version.

However, the Android installment on the touchscreen laptop is quite complicated. But developers have made it easier than ever.

There are so many user-friendly, completely self-contained management systems for HP touch screens. Hackers are never tired of installing new techniques of the aging touchpad Android. But, with improving technology present, Android is much better with touchpad than WebOS is.

TPToolbox or TouchPad Toolbox are newly released tools that replace the old tools. As the name implies, TPToolbox you will get several tools right here that are accessible through a menu-driven interface. It allows the user to install Android 5.1 on the touchpad by following a few simple steps.

Moreover, you can use this program software to repair or divider partitions. Dissimilar to the primary Android installing tool on the touchpad, TPToolbox deletes the entire files of WebOS. As a result, you get more than enough space to store the apps and files of Android OS.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

How to update Android 5.1?

Over time of use, your phone will keep updating the latest version of Android 5.1 Lollipop. Your phone will reset and update the running version seamlessly.

Does Android 5.1 work well?

Android 5.1 Lollipop works great on your hp touchpad. It runs fine and smoothly. You won’t need to upgrade it to an updated operating system.

How do I upgrade the Android hp touch screen?

Check on your Wi-Fi connection and go to settings. Select your phone category and check the updates. An update button will appear if there is any available. Just tap to install and according to the operating system, you can see a dialogue box of install system software.

Can you reinstall WebOS on the HP TouchPad?

Of course, you can. But for that, you have to operate TPToolbox again and modify the system a bit. Following this, download webOS Doctor. It will restore the tablet to factory settings.

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Wrapping Up!

Now you better know how to install android 5.1 on hp touchpad. But, be clear about one thing – through this process, your device will appear to be 100% android. It will also create partitions of new systems, data, cache, media, and SWAP. And yes, your HP Touchpad will turn into a laptop with a touchscreen, but not an Android smartphone.

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