How to remotely control an android phone

When you are not close to your Android phone but still you can control it seems pretty fun. It sounds like you can leave your phone anywhere without worry. Also, if you love one of your games and want to play it from another device then this tool would be handy for you. This article will show you every possible way on how to remotely control an Android phone. 

Make sure, there are many tools out there and not all of them work just fine. Thankfully, our recommended tools or process will work for sure. This is why you should stay in this article without jumping anywhere, so let’s delve in. 

Software You Should Keep Right Now To Take Control of Your Phone

As we said, good tools will manage the task effortlessly, all you need to know are what features they have. So we are going to unravel the upside down and tell about those little amazing softwares. 


If you invest a few dollars on it, you will experience this easy to use interface oriented tool Pushbullet. However, you may not get every possible area to control from a pc. But what you will love to see is its data transmission, that being said, you can bring data from an Android to a PC remotely. Again, the data transmission is safe and fast using encryption

You don’t just have just control using a single device, it lets you control multiple devices, and what more? The tool comes with two different services – one is free and another is paid. The free version has limitations as it permits you to send only 100 messages. On the other hand, the paid will feed you with all of the services. The charge is not overrated nearly five dollars subscription also, you will get discounts while paying annually. 

how to remotely control an android phone


The speciality of AirDroid is to get so many features in one place. It manages so many things while you want to remotely control the phone. For example, it can organize all of your texts and notifications without any fuss. Turns out, you will be informed and never stay behind. However, we can not say that every feature comes effective, rather some of them seem just extra stuff. 

If it comes to tell you the pricing then it costs just like Pushbullet-costs only 2.99$ every month. When you go to the paid version, then you can download the rest of the apps related to it. 

how to remotely control an android phone


Vysor puts more importance on simplicity as it takes you to every place on your device remotely without giving it any hard time. The on-screen mirroring is the main feature, you will take into account. The speed of running apps remotely seems smooth and fast as well. You will never find any hidden feature of it, all of them are in the home screen. 

how to remotely control an android phone


This is a fully free version and an amazing tool when you don’t want to invest a penny. Some features are better compared to a few paid alternatives. An open-source application lets you experience paid offers, so you may grab it right away. Accessing from pc to phone is incredibly easy, so note it too. More regards to connections, you can pair the Wifi and USB both. The developer didn’t forget to add screen mirroring so manage notifications become a piece of cake. 

Now we tell you how it stands out in the case of different Operating Systems. Good news is it is both functional for Linux and Windows. Scrapy brings its dedicated interface from scratch. We applaud the diversities so users find ease no matter they switch the pc from one to many. For MacOS users, they can simply download it from GitHub. 

how to remotely control an android phone


Mirror screening is a common feature in every other tool but DeskDock makes the difference. The heck is with the mouse pointer which you will find on your Android phone derived from a pc. Here is why, it builds a two-way connection from pc to phone and phone to pc. Finding a cursor on your small Android phone is really fascinating to some users. 

The good news is with the availability of use mouse sharing feature on the free version. The monthly subscription only do a little more benefit with sharing choices

Samsung Flow

Samsung Flow is a dedicated tool designed for only Samsung phones. For Samsung users, it would be an amazing trade-off. One of the key reasons why you should have it is to experience all the Samsung products. These products will be in the same folder and you can share texts, notifications, and organize seamlessly. You won’t need to worry about having a Samsung laptop, either way, the phone itself is just okay. 

For Galaxy tabs it offers a bit more as you can transmit the texts from phone to tab, making the tab as a pc. So you can escape from having a pc to monitor it. Last but not least, the app won’t want you to pay, it’s free!

how to remotely control an android phone


Every tech-savvy of us knows Teamviewer like how it connects two devices remotely. Their developer team also programmed it for phone users to find possible connections to a pc. Before you use it, we should tell you about the pricing. It is not affordable compared to the above tools we shared. The monthly package costs almost fifty dollars, but in exchange for it, you will get tons of adding valuable features. For example, it is the only tool that makes the file and message accessible to any Android devices. The team provides customer support, so ever you find an issue they will solve it immediately. 


Is it possible to remotely access an Android phone?

Yes, pretty much possible. Because there are so many apps like Teamviewer which host to share many possible things remotely. No big bugs and no tall talks you will find with good apps under subscription fee. 

How can I control my mobile remotely?

It’s all about downloading an app that will make it feasible to control your mobile remotely. However, you will need to tweak the connection between Wifi and the app. 

Are there any fishy apps which only debunk connecting a phone to pc? 

Yes, spammy apps are out there so stay out of them and install paid apps instead. Like Quicksprout, there are many reputed apps you will find to consider. 

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