How to See GPU Temp Windows 10

If you are asking yourself how to see GPU temp Windows 10, then read this article. This tutorial will teach you how to check the temperature in the computer to avoid issues like overheating.

It is essential to check the temperatures of the components in your computer because overheating can harm other hardware parts or your graphics card. The temperature is a critical parameter that will determine the working condition of your PC.

Hopefully, the post will clarify some confusion about how to lower your card temperatures and improve your graphics card’s performance.

Why Should You Check GPU Temperature Often?

You need to check these heating values because some systems may not be working well if your PC doesn’t have reasonable temperatures.

You may encounter blue screens in some hazardous cases. It is a kind of error that is caused by the overheating of the graphics processor. Some applications like Adobe Photoshop require high temperatures because they may be using advanced features.

It is also essential to know the values of the thermal head in the video card. The thermal head determines the temperatures of the fans and the temperature of the whole system.

How To Keep Your GPU Temperature Down?

Keeping your GPU cool requires keeping your PC cool as well. Follow the below tips while using and setting up your computer.

· Don’t Place It Besides Window, Vent.

Placing your computer in a temperature-sensitive area is the worst thing one can do to it. Just like the internal heating issues, the external temperature can harm your computer.

· Change Thermal Paste

Often the GPU thermal paste dries out, and it is usual to happen. Keep a regular check out whether it has dried out or not. And if it has, apply with a new paste.

· Clean Inside And Outside

You should allow your GPU as well as your computer to breathe to keep the temperature regular. Use compressed air, wiper while cleaning inside. And do a deep cleaning every 2-4 months. While deep cleaning, eject the cooling fan, its blades and clean them separately.

· Ensure Proper Air Flow

The cooling fan is the main component that helps to cool the computer. The cooling fan helps to keep the temperatures down and ensure smooth computing.

While setting up fans for your computer, make sure not to make it less or over-optimized. In one sense, less airflow can keep your PC heat faster. On the flip side, over airflow might create spots and humidity onto the case surface.

How to See GPU Temperature On Windows 10 Via Task Manager

After the Windows update on 10 May last year, Microsoft now allows its users to check the GPU temperature. You have to take the help of the Task Manager to get the temperature insights of your GPU. Follow the below steps.

Search for Task Manager in the Windows search box that is located beside the Start menu. Or else, you can open it via press and hold Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Then go to the Performance menu. Under there, you will see the GPU temperature status.

how to see gpu temp windows 10

Remember, you can check it via Task Manager only you have got the update of Windows. If it does not show you up, update the OS first, then try it again.

How To Check GPU Temp NVIDIA?

Nvidia GPUs are the primary preference by more than 75% of PC users and gamers. So, today’s article might not be fruitful enough without the instruction regarding this particular GPU manufacturer.

Let’s assume you have already installed the GeForce Experience tool. Now launch the software. Go to the Settings window and turn on Enable experimental features. Also, enable the In-game overlay.

how to see gpu temp windows 10

Afterward, go to the Advanced settings under the HUD Layout>Performance. You will now see a statistic overlay on the screen that shows different information, including GPU temperature. Press and hold Alt+R to hide or make it visible.  

AMD GPU Temperature Monitor – Checking GPU Temperature Via Radeon Overlay

If your computer has an AMD Radeon series GPU, you can also use the Radeon Overlay to monitor and optimize your GPU temperature. To start with the process, activating the tool is a must.

Press Alt+R to control the running actions under the Performance Monitoring option.  Then press and hold Ctrl+Shift+0 to jump onto the main monitoring window.

Radeon is unique and gives you more control for inspection. Even when you are playing a game, you can monitor the heating status.

On your desktop window, make a right-click and hit on the Radeon Settings. On the next, go to the Gaming>Global Settings>Global Wattman. Turn on the Wild overclock. It will then begin tracking the concurrent temperature of your graphics card.

how to see gpu temp windows 10


You should regularly check your GPU temperature to avoid any potential harm to your computer system. There is nothing worse for your PC than overheating issues. And it becomes inevitable when you have an external graphics card.

We have discussed all the standard processes above to help you out with how to see GPU temp Windows 10. We have also shared experts’ tips on how to minimize your PC temperature. Thus, if you are a hardcore gamer, you can crack any accidental issue.


How Do I Find My GPU Settings On Windows 10?

Make a right-click on your desktop screen and then go to the Display Settings. From there, head to the Advanced Display Settings. You will find related adapter properties there. And finally, there is supposed to be the external GPU name show if there is any.

Why Should You Keep PC Temperature Cool?

You should check the computer’s temperatures because you want to ensure that you get the best performance from it.

One of the most important reasons is the potential heat sink that is affected by a graphic card. If you are using a card on a desktop computer, then you will need to consider cooling. Otherwise, the card’s life can be seriously affected.

Can’t Fix Thermal Head, What Should I Do Now?

If you are not familiar with the values, then you should contact the supplier. The supplier will provide you with the values so that you can fix the thermal head accordingly.

When you have set the thermal head according to your computer’s requirement, you should be able to achieve the best temperatures.

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