how to uninstall updates on apps android

How to Uninstall Updates on Apps Android?

Can you uninstall Android application updates on your smartphone or tablet? Yes, you can, fortunately. The article will give you a complete understanding of how to uninstall updates on apps Android.

You can only uninstall an application’s updates on some smartphones and devices; many smartphones and apps do not have this choice. If you don’t have this feature as well, you’ll have to selectively update an old copy of an app by deleting it from a 3rd-party source.

Installing applications from third-party sources is not recommended by Google since they may carry malware or damage your devices. We will share the safest and proven way to get your job done.

How to Undo an App Update on Android?

To undo, uninstall the application is the first step you need to follow. Let’s check out the different methods to do this.

1.  Removing the Updates

Step 1: Access the Settings on your smartphone. A gear appears in the Settings app. If you have a new theme on your Android phone, the picture can appear differently. The name will be the same still.

From there, go to the Apps. It’s next to the symbol with squares in a grid at the edge of the Settings screen. This will show you a rundown of all the installed stock and downloaded applications.

how to uninstall updates on apps android

Step 2: Now select the 3dots icon that is located on the upper edge of the phone screen. From the dropdown menu, select Show System. On the next screen, you will witness all the system program on your device.

how to uninstall updates on apps android

Step 3: All of the applications on your Android smartphone are arranged alphabetically. Select an application. It will take you to the app Information section.

Note: Only some applications on specific phones that come pre-installed on the Android smartphone can be uninstalled.

If you can’t find a button to uninstall the selected app, look for a 3-dot icon on this screen’s upper edge.

how to uninstall updates on apps android

Or if you can see the Uninstall Updates button, hit on that to remove all updates of this app. A popup will ask you whether you want to continue or not. Tap on OK. It will restore the stock or the first installed version of the application.

2.  Removing Updates on Android 8.0 or Later Version

In this way, you will need an app called APK Installer. It is required when your phone’s app installation or update uninstallation process malfunctions.

Step 1: Launch the Google Play Store app. Search with Apk Installer. Install the first result on your phone.

Step 2: Also, install the Droid Info application from the app store. The app is necessary to get the hardware information during the process.

Step 3: Whenever the installation is finished, launch the Droid Infor Apk. There you can find out the phone’s operating system version and DPI.

See the android OS that you are using in the OS Version portion of the Droid app and the DPI in the Software Density column. The DPI refers to the dimension of your smartphone screen.

how to uninstall updates on apps android

Step 4: Up next, you have to jump into the System tab. From there, identify the CPU Architecture of your smartphone or tablet. Also, check out whether your device is having an x86 (32-bit) or 64-bit chipset.

Your device will support 32-bit of apps if the chipset is 64-bit. On the flip side, 64-bit apps will not work if your device has a 32-bit chipset. Here, the mentionable point is ARM is as same as 32-bit.

how to uninstall updates on apps android

Step 5: You will need to uninstall an application before the installation of the older edition. You should know what version of the application is already installed so that you can download the older versions. To uninstall an app, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings application.
  • Hit on the Apps.
  • Click the Force Stop button.
  • Select Uninstall from the menu.
how to uninstall updates on apps android

Step 6: Since Google Play Store does not allow you to install the older version, you have to install your required version from 3rd party app stores.

And to install an app from those sources, turn on the Unknown Sources from your phone Settings. If it asks for the source, pick APK Installer.

how to uninstall updates on apps android

Step 7: Now, open any web browser from on your device. Then go to the official website of APK Mirror. Search for the app there you have uninstalled. The app store is preferable to solve your issue because it stores all the previous versions of almost all Android applications.

From the result of all listed versions, pick and download the one you want.

how to uninstall updates on apps android

Step 8: When the task is done, go to the Download section of your browser to find the app. Click on the downloaded file. Before installation, the Android will show you a disclaimer alert, which is natural. Ignore that and go for the installation.

Remember, if this is your first time, the system will ask you to pick an app to open the APK file. You have to select APK Installer now as the app opener and also select Always.

On the next screen, click on the Install.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Possible to Rollback to An Earlier Android Version in Samsung?

By following the system options, you cannot undo an Android update in Samsung phones. But you can go back to an older or your required version by doing a custom ROM flash. However, there is a risk of losing your device warranty.

How Can I Uninstall an Update on MIUI And Install Older Version?

The measures to downgrade are shown below.

  1. Get the Fast boot ROM file for your phone that is compliant with it. Go to the MIUI website to install the version you want.
  2. Save it to your smartphone’s Downloaded Rom folder.
  3. From your phone Settings app, jump into the About Phone section, next to System Update.
  4. To upgrade your system, press on the three dots (upper right area), then pick Update Package and grab your file from your memory.

Therefore, the procedure may take some time to make sure your smartphone has at least 80% battery life.

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Well, we are done with the whole process of how to uninstall updates on apps Android. Above, we have shared the two best ways to undo your android app updates. You don’t have to reset or flash your ROM, following both methods. Keep jumping on FixWill again if you have more technology-related queries. Till then, keep enjoying your intelligent life.

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