how to unjailbreak ios 12.4

How to Unjailbreak IOS 12.4?

It is hard to resist jailbreaking iOS devices to open a new realm of adventures and possibilities. But once you free yourself from the jail of iOS limitations, you can no longer receive Apple repair or warranty services.

In this case, you need to unjailbreak your device for that. So if you do not know how to unjailbreak ios 12.4 or the latest versions, we will cover the process for you. 

For your convenience, we will break down a few methods right here in this post, for which you can choose the one that will work best for you. Also, this guide will review some tips to prevent any error in the midst of resetting.

How to Prepare Your Phone before Unjailbreaking IOS 12.4?

To unjailbreak a phone is a time-consuming and a bit tricky process. So, it is better to follow some prerequisites listed below to prevent any potential error that can affect your device and mood of course. 

  • Make sure your phone and computer have at least 80% charge. Otherwise, they can shut down, leaving the unjailbreaking process half done. 
  • You must back up all your important data using iCloud or iTunes on your phone. It will make sure you can restore the data after removing the jailbreak. 
  • Last but not least, disable the Find My iPhone option from the iCloud setting. You might need to enter your Apple ID and Password to confirm the action.
how to unjailbreak ios 12.4

How to Remove Jailbreak from iOS 12.4?

These methods will seem easier and faster to you if you are good at operating a computer. No matter which method you choose, be meticulous to perform the following steps:

Using iTunes

  • At first, connect your phone and computer 
  • Now launch iTunes on your computer and select the iPhone icon located at the upper-left corner of the screen
how to unjailbreak ios 12.4
  • From the device’s Summary Tab select the Restore iPhone option. If any popup or prompts appear, follow them.
how to unjailbreak ios 12.4
  • After a few minutes, the restoration process will be complete and the activation screen will appear on your device. 

This method removes jailbreak most of the time. But in case it fails to do so, follow the next method 

Unjailbreak via Recovery Mode

This method also requires a computer, your phone, and iTunes. The difference you need to put your phone in recovery mode and follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Connect the iPhone and the PC with a USB cable, then launch and verify the iTunes connection
  • Now on your phone hold the Sleep/Wake and Home key or buttons simultaneously until the iTunes screen appears
  • From the iTunes home page, click on the Restore option
  • Then press the Restore and Update option. It will start to remove the unjailbreak tools and install the latest IOS firmware updates. Do not unplug your device during the process.
how to unjailbreak ios 12.4
  • Finally, press the Restore from this Backup option and select the backup option. Then follow the on-screen prompts to restore the unjailbreak state.
how to unjailbreak ios 12.4

DFU Method

Device Firmware Upgrade or DFU mode uses a clean restore process to unjailbreak your device. And this method hardly fails. So, follow these steps:

  • At first, plug your phone into a PC and verify a connection between the phone and iTunes
  • Now you need to boot up your phone. The path might be different on different models. But usually, the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons should work.
  • Long press the Sleep/Wake and Home keys until you can see a black screen
  • After releasing the buttons, again long-press the Sleep/Wake button for three seconds
  • When three seconds is over, hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously for ten seconds
  • Now release the Sleep/Wake button and long-press the Home button for five more seconds
  • Then iTunes will detect your iPhone in recovery mode. And you need to click on the Ok option
how to unjailbreak ios 12.4
  • From iTunes, select the Restore iPhone option located under iPhone Recovery Mode. After that, your phone will go back to its initial activation screen.
how to unjailbreak ios 12.4

This process will take your phone back to its factory settings and restore the official IOS version. Remember to be careful while performing the button combinations. Otherwise, the boot loop issue might arise.  

How to Remove Jailbreak ios 12.4 Uncover and Cydia without a Computer?

The methods we have reviewed so far require a computer to remove the jailbreak tools aka Cydia tweaks, the Chimera, or Uncover apps. But that does not necessarily mean you cannot do that with your phone only.

So to know how to unjailbreak ios 12.4 without a computer, have a look at these steps below:

  • From your iPhone, go to the Unc0ver Settings option to enable the Root FS option
  • If you are using Chimera, click on the Restore RootFS located right under the Having Trouble section
how to unjailbreak ios 12.4
  • Now from Uncover click on the Restore RootFS option, or if you are on Chimera click on the Restore FileSystem option. It will start the unjailbreaking process.
how to unjailbreak ios 12.4
how to unjailbreak ios 12.4
  • Once the Chimera or Uncover unjailbreak process is over, your phone will restart. And you will notice that the Cydia or Sileo jailbreak tool no longer exists on your device. 
  • Now it is time to uninstall the Uncover app as well. From your Phone’s Apps list, find the Uncover or Chimera app and long-press the icon. Then, press the Uninstall option. 
  • At last, restart your phone. And your phone is now free from Jailbreak and back to factory reset. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Can Apple Store Find Out the Device was Jailbroken Even After I Reset the Phone?

No, if you restore the phone to its factory setting before taking it to the store, they will not be able to detect anything abnormal with the software. But if you do not reset the phone, their general diagnostics will detect unauthorized software. And they will turn down your warranty claims.

Does Restarting a Device Remove Jailbreak from iPhone?

It depends on the type of jailbreak you have installed on your phone. If you are using a tethered or temporary version, you will lose the jailbreak upon restarting the device. You will not be able to boot your phone until you delete the jailbreak.

Does Upgrading and iPhone’s iOS Unjailbreak It?

Not always but sometimes upgrading the iPhone firmware can remove jailbreak. Because most of the jailbreaking tools are compatible with specific iOS versions. Do note that, upgrading a jailbroken iOS can at times put your device into boot loops. And you will need professional help to fix it. So, it is better not to try unjailbreaking via upgrade. 

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Using a jailbroken ios 12.4 is all fun and games until you realize its drawbacks. The operating system can be unstable at times. And if you take the phone for Genius Bar support, you are less likely to get any assistance.

But now that you know how to unjailbreak ios 12.4 and later updates, feel free to remove the jailbreak before you head to an Apple Store.

Hopefully, this article can make the whole process easier. So, follow any of the methods we reviewed to never miss any future updates, security enhancements, and bug fixes from Apple.

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