mac and ios what is the actual difference

Mac And Ios What Is The Actual Difference?

Many people wonder when both MacOs and iOS are Operating Systems developed by Apple Inc. then mac and ios what is the actual difference?

Today the confusion shall be no more ! So, stay tuned without skipping any part.

You may not be a tech freak and get confused with all those technical terms to differ between them. So, to put in easy words – the main difference between Mac and iOS is that MacOs is a closed source software OS. It is designed basically for personal computers. On the other hand, iOS is also an operating system but it is mobile-based.

This is the primary difference between the two operating systems. There are many more differences if you wanna go in detail. Let’s dive deep for those.

mac and ios what is the actual difference

Mac And Ios: What Is The Actual Difference?

The Mac operating system was developed far earlier than the iPhone mobile operating system. PCs came into being a long ago than smartphones, you know.  Both the operating systems are popular worldwide for their innovative technology.

Here are some of the points where Mac and iOS differ significantly :


The core difference between the MacOS and iOS is its interface. The iPhone has a touch screen system. On the contrary, a MacOS operating system is computer-based. You need a mouse and keyboard to operate the MacOS. The MacOS can’t be controlled by Mouse and Keyboard.


The very next difference is the framework. The iPhone Operating System’s app framework is UIKit.

Whereas, the Mac Operating System’s application framework is Appkit.

File System

When it comes to moving a File in MacOs, it’s really easy. The flexibility and smoothness of the process are surely unbeatable.

But in the iPhone operating system, moving your files or organizing them can be quite troublesome.

Application complexity

Sometimes, the application that is easily supported on the MacOs might not be supported on the iPhone OS.

Even if you manage to download it on your iOS, there can be some complexity. Because of that, you will end face functionality problems while trying to use those apps.

Advantages of Using MacOs

You will be surprised to know that MacOS is the second topmost used OS across the world. The reasons behind its popularity are many.

mac and ios what is the actual difference

First of all, it is rarely attacked by viruses. This is really a plus point.

Its security is many times stronger than the Windows operating system. It is the first MacOS that is good at performance and its life span is also better.

Advantages of iOS

The iPhone operating system is one of the most demanded operating systems for smartphones. Users are greatly satisfied with this OS.

You can customize the Jailbreaking as per your need to get the third-party application. Moreover, it produces less heat. iOS has a better performance than Android. You can upgrade the version when you need to.  You can have a long life span of your battery with iOS.

mac and ios what is the actual difference

In a word, if you want to have the taste of excellence in mobile operating systems, just go with iOS without hesitating.

Can I use iOS for my Computer?

As you already know that iOS or iPhone Operating system is just developed for iPhone mobiles, you can not use this operating system for your desktop PC. If you want to use a free Operating System for your PC, you can pick MacOS. You can enjoy the latest features without spending on the license and all other costs.

Final Verdict

Apple is one of the most famous software developers of all time. The product and technology always have something unique to give. The Mac and iOS are among the innovations that gloriously shook the world. I hope you have fully understood the mac and ios: what is the actual difference? If you are already using both of them, you already discovered the dissimilarities. I know it’s more transparent now, why couldn’t you enjoy the Mac and iOS both in similar ways.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iPhone 11 pro and pro max the same

Answer: The iPhone 11 Pro has a display of 5.8-inch. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a display of 6.5-inch. Apart from these, almost everything else is nearly the same. So, it’s up to you which one you are going to choose.

Is Mac and iOS the same?

Answer: are you wondering if iOS and MacOs the same? Clearly not. Though both of the Operating systems are designed and developed by Apple Inc, there are many dissimilarities in functionality and on the term of use. But you can use Mac and iOS with a very good experience. You won’t be disappointed.

What is the difference between iphone 12 pro and pro max?

Answer: The regular iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro max has differences in terms of its Battery durability, camera, screen size. The display size of the iPhone 12 regular is 6.1 inches. Whereas, the iPhone 12 pro max is 0.6 inches larger in display size.

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