What is Trusted Execution Environment

What is a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) & How to Deal with it?

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I am sure that at some point in your life, you must have thought about whether it is safe to keep your sensitive information on your mobile device. Subsequently, when it comes to the security of your mobile data, the talk about TEEService app also comes along as well.

You might be thinking, What is TEEService?

In short, The TEEService app’s function is to secure the private data of your mobile. We cannot imagine the mobile’s secure system working without TEEService. In today’s article, I have tried to answer all the facts and information related to the TEEService app.

What is Trusted Execution Environment on Android?

TEEService is an application provided by Trusty ( a secured Operating System). It is located in the internal processor of your Android.

I would like to add that Trusty OS and Android OS both run on the same processor. The best thing about TEEService is that you do not need to activate it on your Android smartphone through installation. It is already preinstalled on the device by default.  TEEService app’s package name is com.trustonic.teeservice. You will find this app on almost every Android.

Manufacturers put the TeeServive app in your processor so that it can protect your Android phone from being hacked. I hope you can understand how significant the app is!

Many users often don’t find this app on their Android phones. Well, let me tell you that as TEEService is a system process app, you will not find the app in the list of External apps.

Here follows a picture of the TEEService app icon so that you can recognize it easily when you see it on your device.

Trusted Execution Environment

What does the TEEService do?

You must have got the idea about what TEEService is and what it is for. Here I am gonna tell you what TEEService exactly does on your Android. I have shared them one by one. I hope it will be helpful for you to get the job of this application.

  • The TEEService app on your Android Brings Safety and protection.
  • TEEService app Prevents Hackers from stealing confidential information from your device.
  • This app makes your device ask your access permission to allow any malicious apps on your mobile.
  • TEEService decreases the chances of external attacks on your Android.
  • This application also keeps your data safe and Secure.

After knowing its benefits, you might be thinking How to install TEEService. Let me remind you again; it is already preinstalled by your Operating System. When you use a mobile phone, you definitely want a Trusted and Secured Operating System. And you get this reliance only from your TEEService app on Android.

Which permissions does TEEService require?

TEEService requires no permission to run. As I said before that it is a System Process app; therefore, you do not have to turn on the permission access manually to run this app.

Is TEEService Necessary?

After learning the benefits of the TEEService Android, you must have known the necessities of the TeeServive on your Android mobile. There is no other way to accept that this app is indispensable because this application stops hackers from any unethical Access. I will explain here why TEEService is necessary for your Android smartphone.

The TEEService app helps your device to run passcode verifications of your lock screen, provides encrypted confirmation, protection, and management of KeyStore keys, does fingerprint template matching as well as Digital Rights Management (DRM).

TEEService is the core application that is responsible for your data Safety. It strictly runs all the applications to maintain data security. Your mobile’s fundamental safety is ensured with this app.

If TEEService were not there, your whole device would have to face the problem of not having security to store confidential and sensitive information. In brief, the necessity of the TEEService app is beyond description.

Is it Safe to Uninstall TEEService?

You can uninstall the TEEService app, but you will end up risking the security of your device data.

Still, If you want to uninstall the app, you can follow the uninstalling process. But experts will recommend not to stop this essential app. Otherwise, Your important information will not be safe. Anytime your data can be stolen.

To ensure the safety of your device data, you need the TEEService app on Android. Uninstalling this app can cause a lot of hassle that you may not want.

Thus, you can claim that it is not safe to uninstall TEEService on your Android. 

How to Restore the TEEService app after uninstalling?

The TEEService app doesn’t have the Uninstall button. By pressing the ‘Force Stop’ Option or by using Android Debug Bridge(ADB), you can disable this app. Also, apps like Titanium Backup or the System app Remover can be used to do the same. I bet you don’t wanna do that because you know how important the app is for your Android. If any error happens, and you uninstalled the TEEService app mistakenly, you can restore the TEEService app. The thing you need to do is to factory reset your mobile data.

To perform Factory Reset on your Android smartphone, kindly follow these steps.

  1. First, back up your important documents first. Or you can also transfer them to another device for a while. Otherwise, you may end up losing all data of your device.
  1. Now you can start the go-ahead for further procedure. Go to the settings option.
  1. Tap on the Backup and Reset. Some devices have this option under additional Settings. So you might need to go to this menu first.
  1. Press Factory Data Reset
  1. Hit on the Reset Device
  1. Finally, Tap Erase everything or Delete all.

The task is accomplished successfully. In this way, the TEEService app Android will be restored. You can enjoy the facility of this application. 

Trusted Execution Environment

Is the TEEService a safe application or Spyware?

I can understand your concern regarding the safety of your Android Device. We all store almost every important or urgent document on our mobile. If it gets stolen, we may face unimaginable problems. So it is natural to be bothered.

But, let me tell you,  if you are thinking about the safety of your device, you better stop worrying about the TEEService app on your Android. This app works for Protecting your confidential data.

The TEEService is the application that prevents malicious apps from spying or Tapping your phone. The amazing fact is that This app itself prevents spyware traps so that you can have the adequate safety of your data on your Android. If TEEService had been a spyware or malicious app, Android (Operating System would not adopt this. Hence, I can say that the TEEService app on your Android is fully safe to use.  Rather I can say that it is unsafe not to use the application.

What to do if the TEEService consumes excessive battery?

Take a relaxing breath—nothing to worry about. The TEEService doesn’t consume excessive battery at all. It is quite a Battery Friendly app for sure.

If you have a doubt that your battery-run time has decreased comparatively,  please try to find out whether any other app is causing the high battery consumption, or your battery lifespan has come to an end.

But still, if you feel that the TEEService app is consuming the battery at a high rate, Clear the Cache Files of this application. It is a very simple process.

Let me share the procedure.

  • Step 1: Go to the settings and Open the app management option.
  • Step 2: Here, you may find the ‘TEEService’ app. If you don’t find the app here, tap on the ‘Show System Process app‘ Button.
  • Step 3: In the third Step, kindly click on the icon of the TEEService app to open up.
  • Step 4: Now select the ‘Storage usage’ menu. The detailed TEEService data files related information is given here as well as you will know how many cache files have been stored on this app.
  • Step 5: Here, you can see the ‘Clear Cache’ option. Hit the button. Your task is done.
Trusted Execution Environment
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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Does the TEEService app cost money?

Answer: The answer is in the negative. You do not need to worry at all about this matter. It is absolutely free of cost. You can enjoy the benefits of the TEEService app Android without spending 0% money on this.

2.  Can I download the TEEService app from Google Play Store?

Answer: Unfortunately not. The process of Teeservice app download can not be done via Google Play Store. Nothing to worry about. It is easier to download from other resources. To know the method, please go through the article above. 

3.  What has been the latest version of the TEEService app in 2021?

Answer: Till now, the latest version of the TEEService app has been TEEService Version 9. Many people are enjoying the facilities of the newest version of the TEEService Android app throughout the world.

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